ZeRo Point Healing Program

Hi, We are ZeRo Point Team

Trying to find what is blocking you from being your best? Need specifics? Need immediate help? If you desire to improve your LIFE, we can enrich and amaze you. We are an extraordinary ZeRo Point Team.

Our ZeRo Point Team goes accurately deep. “As one cleans inwardly, mitigating hidden pain and zeroing on dysfunctional psychologies, one expands outwardly. This serves to sharpen one’s awareness, which deepens perception and expands horizons.”

Robert and Zeljka’s Team uses unique and extraordinary intuitive and clairvoyant detection techniques. Combined, we have over 90 years of down-to-earth experience, over several thousand clients worldwide, and our spectrum of applications scan all cultures, ethnicities, and industries. Whether your issue is personal, social or business related, we pinpoint the causes and help you change the effect.

Though very unusual for most people, we have gifts to read DNA and emotional energy fields, we can see and help reshape your psychological energy, which in turn helps you to restore positive mental, emotional, social and health pursuits.

Before you can improve your Life, it is important to know and eliminate what may be holding you back: dysfunctional beliefs, fears, worries, inherited blocks and unresolved decisions. Once discovered, our team can help break down these barriers, eliminate their pain, and coach you into a more comfortable and progressive condition.

There are three primary questions we ask all of our clients:

(1) How deep do you want us to go?

(2) Are you committed to listening and do what we will share with you?

(3) Are you ready to handle positive changes?

We accurately chart the state of your reality and write a treatment report for you. Best of all, this can be done remotely. Our team stands behind its performance and customer satisfaction drives us.

How did the name ZeRo originate?

We combined the first two letters of our names: ‘Ze’ from Zeljka and ‘Ro’ from Robert. In our work the unconditional male and female essences are united and integrated, a higher Spiritual power enters the picture, and a new technology transmutes. Zeljka’s Reiki Grand Master Healing Energy and Robert’s Intuitive Holistic Psychology are synchronized together and offer the client a most unique results oriented treatment.

What is ZeRo Point Technology?

ZeRo Point Technology offers you an extraordinary holistic healing experience. Sessions provide ‘real-time’ intensive energy diagnostics, cleansings, and healings at both the physical and psychological levels. We transmute energies for you that result in immediate relief to physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and social discomforts. We reconfigure your electromagnetic fields, release debilitating belief systems, issues, and stress. Our goal is reviving the human body and your uniqueness.

At the end of every session, we activate your ZeRo Point Essence of Pure Conception. Your ZeRo Point Essence proclaims your point of purity, point of original codes, your God essence including the genetic codes and programs of Universal Oneness: all wisdom, health, and love are within contained. When this occurs, you reflect the purest thought-forms and emotions of your Nature.

ZeRo Point Treatments

Graphic Legend: center is your essence surrounded by layers of your pure space over time. Zigzag lines are problem related fears, doubts, and beliefs in an interwoven network of the problem. ZeRo Point Treatments are healing sessions and technologies used to return you to the original state of purity, which is your ZeRo Point Essence.

ZeRo Point Treatment for Healing provides:

  • Clairvoyant Diagnostic Readings–Your, ethereal electromagnetic, psychological fields will be thoroughly read, investigated, and many deeply rooted issues will be revealed and unblocked in the moment.
  • Psychological Healings–The cause and effect awareness of your life inhibiting traumas and issues are surmountable and healed in the moment of cognizance.
  • Conscious Healing–Your involvement, as a client in the healing process, assures rectitude of your conditions from the past
  • Energetic Cleansing–Practitioners use a precise healing method that balances and integrates your electromagnetics, auras, chakras, mental, emotional, physical, and quantum fields.
  • Energetic Acceleration–This method fills your body with life energy and moves you from the death spot into the power of the moment.

Each ZeRo Point Treatment offers:

Client Uniqueness–Each client brings forth his unique situation. Treatment depends on the client’s capacity to be treated at the physical, mental, emotional, social, and soul realms.

Sustainability–Treatments give concrete information and ongoing support. They are educational and provide the basis for simple follow-up exercises, tools and techniques that the client can use in every day life.

Professionalism–The ZeRo Point method requires a team practitioner effort which combines over 50 years of expertise, wisdom, and integrity in the fields of alternative and quantum healing, and traditional and holistic psychology.


As individuals, we are unique, and what we experience is unique. Listed below is the selection of outcomes resulting from ZeRo Point reatments. Clients have consistently reported experiencing many of thesebenefits as a results of the ZeRo Point treatment received.

  • Increases your energy level
  • Rejuvenates cellular life
  • Improves body’s immune system
  • Quickly detoxifies your body
  • Helps heal many physical illnesses (circulation, bones, headaches, glandular stones, etc.)
  • Reduces physical pains
  • Activates body to feel and look younger
  • Releases embedded emotional stresses
  • Eliminates fears, anxieties and depressions
  • Improves self-love and self-esteem
  • Eliminates parental negative programing
  • Enables you to speak your truth
  • Improves communications
  • Fosters healthy relationships
  • Opens your ability to give and receive
  • Strengthens you to detach from dependency
  • Enhances sexuality and intimacy
  • Relaxes stressful mental activities
  • Improves your field of perception
  • Simplifies living in the moment
  • Sharpens memory and concentration
  • Provokes clarity of thought
Long-term Awareness
  • Purification received remains permanent
  • Empowers your ability to cope
  • Averts future physical and emotional discomfort
  • Accelerates progressive well-being
  • Grounds you mentally and physically
  • Clarifies your purpose in life
  • Establishes trust in Universal Laws
  • Enlightens you
  • Increases your level of compassion

The ZeRo Point Program for Individual Sessions

The Practitioners recogize that each client has their own particular need. For optimal results and effectiveness, the first five primary topics are offered in one hour session formats. Thereafter, additional one-hour sessions are available based on need. Treatment requires chronological sequence as follows by topic concentration:

Primary Hour 1–Aura and Electromagnetic Energy Fields
Hour 2–Chakra Systems
Hour 3–Mental Body
Hour 4–Emotional Body
Hour 5–Physical Body
Secondary Hour 6–Social Realms
Hour 7–Spiritual Realms
Hour 8–Personal Realms 1
Hour 9–Personal realms 2 or as determined

The ZeRo Point Program for Group Workshops

The Sequences of ZeRo Point Healing Techniques Workshops are:

ZeRo Point of Power (Chakra #3)

ZeRo Point of Heart & Emotions (Chakra #4)

ZeRo Point of Manifestation (Chakra #1)

ZeRo Point of Creativity & Passion (Chakra #2)

ZeRo Point of Expression (Chakra #5)

ZeRo Point of Identity (Chakra #6)

ZeRo Point of Mission (Chakra #7)

ZeRo Point Spiritual Reading for Holistic Healing

If you would like to experience a session, please contact us at:


As you are part of healing process, you influence the outcomes, so, no Practitioner can guarantee you a specific result. Though, most of our customers have instant positive changes after our reading sessions.

We look forward to being of service to you!