DNA Activation Products & Services

DNA Activation Program Kits 1-5

Welcome, Your journey towards improved health, happiness, and personal freedom can be accelerated. Your decision to purchase The DNA Activation Program Kit will soon prove to be one of the most important and beneficial investments you’ve made.

Well over 30,000 people worldwide have performed these DNA Activations. We are truly confident that you, too, will have favorable results. We congratulate you for your courage and self-respect for making your life better and healthier.
The time for change is NOW. Be accountable for your life, your health, and your well-being. Learn how to perform the DNA Activation on yourself. This is what Self-Empowerment is all about.
The “KITs” come with an Instructional Manual that guides you through transitioning and beyond. It literally walks you through Dr. Robert Gerard’s DNA Activation Seminar, guides you through each activation. It puts you in the driver’s seat and lets you process your own growth at your own pace and convenience.


DNA Activation Session & Seminars

Individual DNA Activation: All the DNA Activations are considered to be a Sacred Ceremony and offer excellent healing experience. Individual activations can be self-performed, as guided by the DNA Activation Program KITs, or administered via a Practitioner or Coach. Whatever method you prefer, the benefits are most rewarding and potentially life-changing.

Group DNA Activation Seminar: DNA Activations 1 through 4, can be performed in the same manner as  the individual process though performed in a group by Dr. Gerard or a certified Practitioner from Oughten House. It is widely known that the DNA Activations sponsored by Oughten House Foundation are quite thorough and substantially different than other programs. Discretion is advised. The Fifth DNA Activation of Royalty Consciousness can only be performed in a group environment and only by the Team of Dr. Gerard and Zeljka Roksandic.