Seminars, Workshops & Certification Programs

ZeRo Point Workshops – 2 hours each

ZeRo Point of Power (Chakra #3)

ZeRo Point of Heart & Emotions (Chakra #4)

ZeRo Point of Manifestation (Chakra #1)

ZeRo Point of Creativity & Passion (Chakra #2)

ZeRo Point of Expression (Chakra #5)

ZeRo Point of Identity (Chakra #6)

ZeRo Point of Mission (Chakra #7)

DNA Activation Ceremonial Seminars – 2 hours each

The DNA Activation accelerates the functionality of the DNA and improves cellular behavior. It is a very sacred event and process. These Activations are Spirit-driven. They manifest in the ethereal and/or electromagnetic properties surrounding and within the physical body. The activations are a direct function of consciousness, which have dominion over the physical realms. The higher states of Human-Spiritual Consciousness are initiated and become the modus operandi of the individual’s mind, body, and soul. There are currently twelve DNA Activations that make this happen:

The 1st DNA Activation of Archetypal Chromosomes
The 2nd DNA Activation of Rejuvenation
The 3rd DNA Activation of Uniqueness
The 4th DNA Activation of Integration
The 5th DNA Activation of Royalty Consciousness
The 6th DNA Activation of Detachment
The 7th DNA Activation of Divine Residency
The 8th DNA Activation of Causal Interaction
The 9th DNA Activation of Perfection of Trust
The 10th DNA Activation of Generating Abundance
The 11th DNA Activation of Divine Order
The 12th DNA Activation of Divine Discipline

(Re)Connecting to Your Spiritual Name—(2 hours)

In (Re)Connecting to Your Spiritual Name workshop we will attempt to transmute you to reflect your Spiritual name. Individuals who attend this workshop accept the notion that Life is continuous and that the Soul has identified a Universal or Spiritual name for you. Only you and your Soul have access to this process. No one can arbitrarily assign a Spiritual name for you. It has already been done.

Your Spiritual name can help better identify your mission and destiny, give you more focus and motivation to pursuit higher Life situations and goals.

Confrontation—Accurate Communication Skills Training – 2 hours

The Confrontation Skills Training Program teaches participants how to approach and verbally address an issue with another person without fear and how to stay focused and coach another to creatively resolve the issue identified. Regardless of issue, the learner can apply the Confrontation Model’s techniques to successfully reach a “Win-Win-Win” condition within minutes.

Seminars topics include: Laws of Communication, Accuracy in the way we communicate, Eliminating Fears, Determining the problem and presenting the issue, Staying focused Using the Confrontation Model, Reaching a “Win-Win-Win” outcome.

DNA Healing Techniques and Meditations Workshop – 2 hours

This powerful seminar provides an excellent opportunity for you to accelerate your DNA Activations. Attendees will reinforce their primary DNA Activations, accelerate their self-healings, and become more empowered and enlightened. Participants will be given many techniques, meditations, and movements and learn how to apply them in every day life challenges.

Hands of Peace Seminar – 2 hours

Our mission focuses on creating a better understanding of what it takes to achieve “A World in Peace”, to awaken people with broadening thoughts and actions towards generating an environment for Peace and to encourage people to apply this information in their daily lives.

Seminar One: Meanings of Peace, Seminar Two: Expanding Peace, Seminar Three: Sustaining “A World in Peace” – DNA Activations and Techniques.

Angelic Workshops – 2 hours each

The intent of this workshop is to open the door and assist each participant to become more aware of their connection and integration with their Higher Selves, Angels, Arch Angels, and Ascended Masters.

Angelic Workshops: #1— Angelic Awareness; #2—Feng Shui Angels

The Beautiful World of Intimacy Seminars – 2 hours

A “Relationship” is defined as an interaction between another person, place, or thing. The two primary functions of the relationship are (1) Exploration and Expansion, and (2) Feedback and Reflection. How do relationships enhance our self-perception, our behavior, and our future will be discussed. Participants will be taught skills that foster good relationships, solidify confidence and provide the security for inner peace.

Topics include: Self-concept in Intimacy-“Exploring Self”; Intimacy in Relationships-“Exploring Your Relationship”; Communication in Your Relationships; The Psycho-Chemistry of Intimacy”; Spiritual Aspects of Intimacy –“DNA Activation of Intimacy Chromosome”; Human Aspects of Intimacy

Living in the Moment Program—(2 hours each)

The best thing about this Program is that it is simple and extremely powerful. All fifty (50) Universal Truths were intuitively and divinely inspired. Each packed with subliminal aspiration, joy, and wisdom. Worded to enhance you inner and outer beauty, they bring forth in you the zeal to rise above any situation and manifest what best for your Highest Good.

The Living In the Moment Program consist of the Living in the Moment Deluxe Card Set, and Training Programs to explain and reinforce each Universal Truth,

There are five categories of Universal Truths. Within each are 10 Universal Truths that can be used as prayers, affirmations, goal settings, inspirational quotes, and guided visualizations. The Categories relate to real-life environments and how the Universal Forces of Love nurture your wisdom to rise above any situation or challenge. They are listed as follows:

— Workshop #1–Positive and Successful Living

— Workshop #2–The Heart-driven Life

— Workshop #3–Peace and Freedom

— Workshop #4–Confidence

— Workshop #5—Challenge