The Corporate Mule


In this true to life compelling novel, Scott, a naïve young man, enters the work force with the subconscious compulsion to prove himself to an over-demanding father.
Journey with Scott through the corporate egos and games that undermine integrity and misuse the human spirit. Follow our hero as he struggles with his values and seeks answers to questions that everyone in the work place should ask for the sake of their soul.
Will Scott crash and burn on the bonfires of corporate politics and intimate relationships?
Will he pull out of his self-destructive nose-dive before it’s too late?
Witness the self-destructive behaviors men and women put themselves through for the sake of security and membership. Where does it all end up?
There is much “real world” wisdom between the lines of this entertaining account of a young executive’s rite of passage and the challenges he meets along the way.
Laugh your way through this comedy of life. Find out how it is possible to be true to oneself and be successful at the same time!The Corporate MuleDon’t Give Up Your Soul For The Company Goal!
a novel by
Robert Vincent Gerard

“This wonderful story is a powerful reminder to all of us caught up in the day to day struggles of the corporate ladder. Life is to be lived to the fullest with the people you love in nature’s incredible playground. This book helped me refocus on the important things of life…thank you.” Stephen Flory, Chief Financial Officer, ZYCAD Corporation
“In the adventures and misadventures of a young man’s travel through the corporate jungle, Gerard presents a cautionary tale of the spiritual pitfalls in today’s workplace. Scott’s progress is tracked from his first recruitment seminar in college to his early “retirement” in a corporate downsizing 20-odd years later…Gerard’s message is clear, if not subtle, and one that will speak to those on any rung of the corporate ladder.”
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