Psychic Reading by Zeljka – 30-min. Individual Session




Psychic Reading – 1/2 hour sessions could be done:

  • REMOTE Psychic Reading through EMAIL communication, with 150 words Report
  • REMOTE Psychic Reading through Skype or Phone. Note: person-to-person sessions do not need written reports
  • ON-SITE Individual Psychic Reading Session in our Office in Binghamton, NY, USA. Note: person-to-person sessions do not need written reports


Each client has their own particular need and those can be mentioned for treatment. For optimal results and effectiveness, several topics are offered in 1/2 hour session formats.

Chose ONE of the topics below:

  1. Personal Realms – Psychic Reading on any topic you wish!
  2. General Psychic Reading – we deliver the information that is important for you as it is brought to our attention through the Psychic Reading Process.
  3. Aura and Electromagnetic Energy Fields: enhances the flow of bodily energy
  4. Chakra Systems: sustaining enlightenment and intuition
  5. Physical Body: mitigtes aches and pains and prompts relaxation
  6. Emotional Realms: ensures your emotional base to deal with conflicts and gain control of your emotions
  7. Mental Realms: reduces brain-chatter and calms over rationalization
  8. Social Realms: helps you become more aware of your relationships and strengthens ability to communicate
  9. Spiritual Realm: increases your connection to inspiration and imagination
  10. Past Life Read: provides ancestral information to help your life path in the present

For first time customers, prior to your first Psychic Reading session, and to better connect the Practitioners with your energy, please email us:

  1. The photo either of your face, your eyes, or your hand.
  2. Name, date of birth, town and country you live in
  3. ONE of the following: Question, brief description of your issue, or chose ONE of the topics above
  4. Our email:

Sample of Psychic Reading of Emotional Body (an excerpt of a previous read):

a… “…Bear in mind that your ‘Emotional Body’ has a biological connection to your physical body. It works spontaneously with your nervous system. First we saw that your Emotional body is not grounded to the Earth. So, we did the grounding immediately, because without grounding person can be all over with emotions, not being able to control them. We also saw an armor of negative emotions around your feet, that was blocking your grounding, so we cleaned this armor and empower clear light in this area.”
b… “Your Inner / Innocent Child was small, hidden within, not being free, not allowing development and growth. It was in fears of everything within and around you. We were guided to work on your fears and stress accumulated areas.
c… Stress accumulated areas:

  • around your stomach
  • around your feet
  • your neck

d… Fear accumulated areas

  • face
  • lower tummy
  • coccyx

We were guided to work on your fear-based emotions through chakras to release and clear stress and fear accumulated areas mentioned above.

for your 1st chakra
In this chakra we saw fear of moving forward, small you, undersized self-worth and insecurity. We saw you shaking in fear, and being ignorant about resolving it. In a way you were feeding on fear, so you do not need to do anything outside of this. We purified this fear and empowered your self-worth, growth and feeling safe.

for your 2nd chakra
In this chakra we saw fear belonging to someone else, being connected emotionally with someone else. This fear could be connected with you being abandoned or rejected in life, even by parents. We cleared this fear and empowered chakra with trust to your emotions….”


As you are part of healing process, you influence the outcomes. It is unethical for any Practitioner to guarantee you a specific result. Though, most of our customers have instant positive changes after our sessions.

By ordering this product you agree to waive any liabilities on the part of Practitioners. You further understand that this service does not proclaim any cure or medical and psychological change, rather is considered a spiritual approach to healing and intuitive prayer work.

By ordering this product you agree that you also have reviewed and accept the Terms and Conditions stated on the “Release Form, Session Follow-Up Guidelines & Advisory, as of 27 October 2017” Document.

We look forward to being of service to you!


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