Kit#5 – The Fifth DNA Activation Program Kit

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The 5th DNA Activation Program is the highly interactive KIT as a part of the continuing  “DNA Activation Self-Healing Program”.   As you continue to move forward in Life, to be in control of your physical and emotional health, and your social and spiritual aspects of Life, then you will realize how the benefits of this Program serve your Highest Good.

This Kit #5 guides you to self-perform the Fifth DNA Activation of ROYALTY CONSCIOUSNESS. This is a most beautiful and Sacred process and quite interactive. By performing the 5th DNA Activation, you accelerate your awareness and perception to better express your Divine Nature and Attributes. This activity moves you from the Physical, through the Ethereal and into your Divine Dominion. Your Ethereal 12-Multiple Strand DNA become more empowered.

The Kit includes: a 32-full-color Manual, the DNA Activation and Seminar 2 CD set that guides you through Dr. Gerard’s DNA Activation Seminar, Zeljka’s Meditations and several drawing exercises. In addition, the Kit includes: a Golden Crown, gems and some colored pencils for your drawing exercises. Also, make sure you have the just released 3rd  Edition of the book “Change Your DNA, Change Your Life!”

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