Health Acceleration Kit for My Dog’s Mind, Body & Soul (.ePub version)




The real purpose of your dog is to share unconditional love. Dogs are not toys and household instruments of entertainment. They are real beings with a God-given purpose. They also possess an Earth-given purpose. Dogs are special and need to be treated that way. You, their master, need to understand the beauty of that relationship.

Why did God put animals on Earth to serve in the capacity of a pet? Only God knows for sure. But He did, and dogs bring about very special arrangements. What leads one to have a dog? Is it a function of our Soul that has been made up in heaven? Are dogs Angels? Do dogs help us emotionally to be more joyful and less stressed?

The DNA Activation increases the functionality of all genetic codes and accelerate positive Soul-level change. It is real and results oriented, and sacred as well.

The BENEFITS of the DNA Activation for Dogs:

  • Strengthens your dog’s immune system
  • Helps dogs heal faster
  • Reduces pharmaceutical dependencies
  • Makes dogs more lovable and sensitive
  • Fosters healthier teeth and hair
  • Makes dogs more alert and affectionate.


What are Icon Code Techniques?

They are an issues-driven, problem-solving program using icon imagery and empowerment scripts. They enable you to help your dog handle stressful situations and overcome undesirable behaviors. The techniques can reprogram cognitive, behavioral and emotional issues your dog may have.


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