Getting out of the Box: Working with Spiritual Concepts (ePub version)


Part One serves to help you better identify some areas of growth. It provides a steppingstone approach to better understand yourself and your relationship with the mystics of the Spiritual Realms—the contents of Part One geared especially for the Spiritual Neophyte. Once you get a better grip on these factors, you will see the big picture of Life and your role in it.

We need to have clear minds, self-esteem with a quality tone, and confidence to move forward. We need to rid ourselves of anger, envy and well manage our time. All these are possible when you welcome a beautiful cause; what better cause exists than to open the doors to Spirituality. It is time for you to walk your talk for a Better Life.

Getting Out of the Box

This book serves those everyday people who want to move forward in Life and become better. First, consider the benefits of stepping out of the “Box.” It’s time to change what holds you back and explore what can move you forward.

Social change surrounds us from many directions, including pandemics, climate change, deforestation, food shortages, and political nightmares. But most of all, it’s our dysfunctional relationships that deeply and emotionally burden us.

Most people, with their day-to-day routines uprooted, face hesitations and doubt. But, unfortunately, too many people are stuck in the same routines, day by day, year after year. This situation is especially true if you think how hollow things are, and you find yourself empty, sometimes lost, and worst, bored.

In the morning, when you look into the mirror, did you ever ask yourself, “Who am I?” “Is this me?” “Am I beautiful?” So many questions about yourself instantly surface. So many people live and work such complicated lives year after year to make money and be very unhappy. What’s Life about, anyway? That needs exploration.


Working with Spiritual Concepts

Many people have turned to the realms of Spirituality in this pursuit. Nevertheless, would you get on a plane not knowing where it’s going to land? As you read on, we shall explore the plethora of options to make your journey more pleasant, safe, and rewarding. Most challenging to understand is that Spirituality is a journey to be fully human, not some “pie-in-the-sky” place.

Most religions purport that Heaven is out there. And somehow, we must earn or pay for our blemishes to get to Heaven. Heaven is within, my friends, and learning to embrace self-awareness, self-respect, and self-love is our journey to achieve a heavenly expansion.

Spirituality is not a place. It’s universal access to higher social Causes. Unfortunately, religions attempt to mimic this Truth by getting you to believe in a place, such as Heaven, to have faith in that pursuit, which requires no action for enlightenment other than to follow. The Spiritual Realm directs us to be pure in heart, Love, and truthfulness. Once demonstrated, the gates open for our passage, health, and happiness to create a beautiful Life.

So, for your edification, my understanding of Spirituality infers living in a higher societal or global society that is harmonious avoids fear, is filled with creative pursuits, and perpetuates personal and social happiness. That’s how you live in Love. Love is a Cause. Spirituality is the route.

The other dominant foundation of Spirituality pertains to the pursuit of Truth. Truth is a Cause. Spirituality is the route.


This inspirational self-help book incites challenging information to help readers deeply feel and sense their truths. It reads about 88,000 words, has numerous quotations, challenging philosophies, and practical techniques.

The first section concentrates on getting out of the Box. Then, nine Contributing Authors joined this compendium to give the readership a broader feel for a Spiritual approach. Each provided commentaries offering slants, personal insights, and unique philosophies to forty-five sub-topics on Life, Love, and Spiritual existence.

Being in the Box is a commonly heard phrase. But it’s almost a curse. Self-doubt and ignorance are what keep people stuck in the Box. Without windows and doors, people can’t see outwards and become comfortable living in their social cave of Life. A place that houses feelings of shame, guilt, and being unworthy of love or abundance. That reality has allowed others to tell you how to think, act, and presumes that they are wiser, enabled to take away our power to live and express ourselves and control our lives. This book is for those who may feel a bit hollow inside and desire to open the Box, seek new pathways, release some doubts, and explore Life’s alternatives.

The realms of Spirituality avail themselves—an alternate reality designed to be crisp, clear, free-flowing, and harmonious. It serves as an excellent medium to find one’s truths. Traversing along the middle path brings a few obstacles, though mostly beautiful experiences generating good relationships and abundance. Open to co-create health and harmony with fellow beings seeking the same. It’s about loving what you do.


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