Accurate Communication Skills Training – 2 hours Group Seminar



 Confrontation—Accurate Communication Skills Training -2 hour Seminar

The Confrontation Skills Training Program teaches participants how to approach and verbally address an issue with another person without fear and how to stay focused and coach another to creatively resolve the issue identified. Regardless of issue, the learner can apply the Confrontation Model’s techniques to successfully reach a “Win-Win-Win” condition within minutes.

Seminars topics include: Laws of Communication, Accuracy in the way we communicate, Eliminating Fears, Determining the problem and presenting the issue, Staying focused Using the Confrontation Model, Reaching a “Win-Win-Win” outcome.

Duration: 2 hours


Disclaimer: As you are part of healing process, you influence the outcomes, so, no Practitioner can guarantee you a specific result. Though, most of our customers have instant positive changes after our sessions.

We look forward to being of service to you!


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