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The “Change Your DNA, Change Your Life” book, new 3rd Edition, Revised and Expanded to include the The “DNA Self-Healing Program for Ultimate Change.” Revised edition reiterates the importance that the DNA Activations are Sacred Ceremonies as well as powerful healing techniques. The book includes the latest information concerning all the 13 DNA Activations, supportive information on cell biology and protein receptors, spiritual psychology and worldwide testimonials> the book explains and initiates the “DNA Self-Healing Program for Ultimate Change,” ISBN 9781880666852; ISBN 1-880666-85-5


About DNA Activations

Research, Health, and Spiritual Awakening

Scientists and medical researchers have conquered what was deemed impossible fifty years ago. According to ancient Hermetic Principles, the dynamics of cells are parallel to the dynamics of galaxies. The vast space that exists between the electrons and nucleus of each atom within various molecules is consistently being explored by quantum physics. However, the most powerful electron microscope cannot reveal the basis of life; the magnificent organization of DNA within our own cells. How does DNA sequence itself to contain the specific blueprints for our bodies? What causes aging and disease? Will we ever find out? The answer is YES! The unseen mechanisms of your CELLS and their DNA direct your biological and psychological operations. Each moment, your body processes trillions of bits and bytes of information electrically, chemically, and psychologically. The age of Cellular Intelligence is upon us. It’s about time we recognize this great gift, and take advantage of it.

Cells, Beliefs, and Perceptions

From the moment of conception, our internal DNA computer began to record every single event beyond its original structure. Every perceived emotion, whether generated by our senses or those from the external environment (observations, beliefs, traumas, events, conditioning, social scripts, etc.) are registered and collected into our cells and  DNA. At birth, we were nearly perfect babes, as to our physical and basic psychological components. Then our senses began to absorb the environment at the cellular level. The American Museum of Natural History states that “…most of the human race has 99.9% of the same DNA coding, indicating approximately 0.1% variation among individuals.” Thus, out of the 3 billion pairs of possible genetic codes, only about 3 million pairs define the structural differences among one another. “Additionally, much of our world has nothing to do with genes, and instead has to do with our unique experiences.” Most important, your psychological apparatus of “belief” and the cognitive functions of perception were ready and waiting to be used. This was how your unique life began, filing the empty storage bins of belief by what we perceive and what we experience. Every emotion and feeling you have generated and perceived has been registered within your cells since conception. Research still continues as thousands of researchers worldwide seek to better understand our DNA: scientifically, medically, and psychologically. But let’s go one step further and ask: “Who put the key there?” and “What intelligence is guiding the DNA to perform the most intricate and perfected tasks mankind has ever witnessed?”


Cross-Section of the cell’s membrane with Protein Cell Receptors serving as antennae or perception instruments. Better be careful what you think!


By and large, we are our environment. At the cellular level, we gather every environmental input, consciously and unconsciously, via protein cell receptors. These receptors serve as antennae for the cell. They receive external information. Pioneering research by cell biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, has clearly defined the role of these protein receptors and how chains of amino acids within the living cell reconstruct the proteins, which in turn, influence the cell’s behavior to adapt to its environment. Proteins carry out myriad tasks, from cell communication to transporting molecules. Our DNA, via the process of transcription, sends messages called (mRNA) to communicate to the cell. The cells adapt by translating the mRNA into necessary proteins, which, in effect, change the behavior of the cell function. Our internal DNA library, if you will, responds to its environment, changes its structure, and sends messages to reshape itself, that is, you.

As you mature, you create a past and a future. You consciously and unconsciously fill up your life with past memories and future expectations. In this trial and error progression, we learn and gather information, some beneficial, some not. Not only do we become what we eat, but also what we perceive and experience.

Since 1997, Dr. Robert Gerard has been pioneering the psychological effects augmented by a technique he calls DNA Activation. This simple, safe, and effective technique has favorably changed the lives of well over 125,000 people worldwide. DNA Activation utilizes a narrative protocol process that integrates your intent, imagination, and heart-driven emotion. In the book, Change Your DNA, Change Your Life!, Dr. Gerard presents this unique technique plus many other complementary techniques which help stimulate the communication between mind and body with consistent results. The DNA Activation serves as a unique self-empowerment tool. Once performed, it’s a permanent imprint. Thus the catalyst for change becomes automatic. Therefore, the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies continually purge and renew naturally. It is a harmless, natural, biological and psychological process, generating spontaneous and subtle transformations that are sustained over several years. Currently ,there are then (10) unique and sacred DNA Activations.

“It is well established in the molecular biology community, but unknown to most people, … that the primary structure of DNA does actually change,” (Hartman, 1975; Wintersberger, 1991). Research gathered by Glenn Rein, Ph.D. states that “…we are therefore not necessarily stuck with the genetic blueprint passed down to us from our parents. … It was also demonstrated that imagery as well as intention was a critical component of the states of consciousness which produced biological effects.” Current information substantiates that mind over matter must work in concert. They are not separate, and that much believed myth has found its day! Change is real! Your human biology guarantees it. Your mind-heart can do it!


How do I rid myself of unwanted beliefs, social conditionings, malfunctioning scripts, emotions, and diseases?

How do I change cellular behavior within myself?

The answer is simple. Change your mechanisms of perception and thought. Indulge in the realms of self-empowerment and self-healing.  We now have the help, guidance, and a plethora of proven techniques.

The core issue is even subtler: learning how the cells and their DNA communicate! Once understood, the mysteries of life can unfold as we listen to what is being said. Or, maybe, the DNA will listen to us. After you’ve applied the techniques in this book, your DNA will be changed and so will your life.

The world and our lives are rapidly changing. Time seems to disappear right before our eyes. Predictions of the “end times” are all about us and we ask: “What is really happening?” and “Why?” It is time for mankind to take a quantum leap for itself. Our mental and physical health has become too dependent on others. We are faced with being led and even misguided by what “they” say. It’s always “them.”

You have a vital part in what you do with your health, when speaking your mind, and creating those things in life that bring you joy. The time is now! Take responsibility for your life-go within. Learn that self-mastery is your gift. You possess all the conscious intent and subtle energies to change your realties, including your DNA. Activate yourself. Acknowledge your Divine self. Become all you can be!

Now is the time to change your DNA and change your Life!


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