The 1st DNA Activation of Archetypal Chromosomes – Group Seminar



The First DNA Activation of Archetypal Chromosomes

This Activation works to get the physical body realigned toward a healthier state of existence. The First DNA Activation of “Archetypal Chromosomes” helps to reconstitute the body’s original genetic codes and to accelerate a life-long self-healing process. Those who have been activated undergo substantial detoxification at both the physical and emotional levels. This is an important purification process that starts immediately.

In this Activation, we are calling upon two Archetypal Chromosomes that are primarily responsible for activating the Ethereal 12-Strand DNA to its full potential. They are:

  • The “Youth” chromosome: the “Spiritual” record-keeper chromosome of your life.
  • The “Vitality” chromosome: the most mysterious in nature, carries the key that unlocks the door to permit the dormant DNA to be activated to its full potential.

These archetypal chromosomes reside in the ethereal realms with their physical complement in the pineal gland.

Duration: 2 hours

Disclaimer: As you are part of healing process, you influence the outcomes, so, no Practitioner can guarantee you a specific result. Though, most of our customers have instant positive changes after our sessions.

We look forward to being of service to you!


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