(Re)Connecting to Your Spiritual Name

In the (Re)Connecting with Your Spiritual Name workshop we will attempt to transmute you to reflect your Spiritual name. Individuals who attend this workshop accept the notion that Life is continuous and that the Soul has identified a Universal or Spiritual name for you. Only you and your Soul have access to this process, No one can arbitrarily assign a Spiritual name for you, It has already been done.

Your Spiritual name can help better identify your mission and destiny, give you more focus and motivation to pursuit higher Life situations and goals. The one requirement is that you have already received your Symbol of Uniqueness acquired in the 3rd DNA Activation. Earthly names are important. Names are social instruments that bind you to a culture or society. Names carry a sense of Spirit and in some cases honor. Names ground you to your Earthly planetary Life.

Bear in mind that name changing has been widely practiced. In certain cultures and religions individuals generally change their name to help them form a new identity usually for a higher purpose. This has been practiced for thousands of years. Name changing to hide or deceive one’s responsibilities is shameful and illegal. Celebrities, authors and people within the news media tend to alter theirs for the purpose of privacy.

If you would like to experience a session, please, contact us at: contact@oughtenhouse.com