About OHF

Advocating a Healthy and Harmonious Humanity

Humanity’s evolution nears the apex in these extraordinary times.  Every living person on this planet is transcending to a higher perspective beyond judgment, limitations, and fear.  Never in the history of mankind has the challenge for change been so great. The Foundation offers publications and heart-driven programs in self-mastery and self-empowerment healings to meet the demands of these times.  It stands ready to serve; now it’s your turn.

What’s behind the name “Oughten”

It’s derived from an ancient Egyptian name representing the Feminine Consciousness of the Pharaoh Akhnaton, who was inspired by Aten: the creator, giver of life, and nurturing spirit of the world.

Your Part …

…is to turn this higher perspective into a worldwide launching pad for planetary enlightenment, healing and peace. We all have a part, a voice, and a contribution.  By participating with Oughten House you enable its programs to expand. You will become part of this global enlightenment mission.  Your intent and commitment to participate will take you to “Higher Places.”  Help us serve you as we, collectively, serve others.

Mission Statement

The Foundation’s mission is to promote tools and techniques for self-mastery, enlightenment, and self-empowerment healing through cutting-edge lectures, educational programs, and publications.

An integral part of our mission involves the networking and disseminating of the Foundation’s focused information globally.

Topics include the advancement of:

  • health and alternative mind-body healing
  • genetic code DNA Activations
  • physical and emotional purification
  • inspiration and enlightenment
  • Unity Consciousness within relationships
  • bridging science and metaphysics
  • most aspects of self-mastery.

Once you know you are on the path to enlightenment and committed to the Holy Spirit’s work, it’s time to move into the community that truly awaits you.


Embracing the Light

The Comprehensive DNA Activation Self-Healing Program

When new information has been channeled to Dr. Gerard, it is shared. This information finds its roots in ancient Egypt, passed on to the Essenes, and must be continued. For more than six millennia, the quest to bring the forth the human race—from its animal kingdom roots—into a loving world society has been occurring. If this sounds preposterous, then follow how history has unfolded.

The core design of Oughten House Foundation holds the notion of loving people—who embrace the Light—serve the Holy Spirit’s quest to bring peace among all peoples of the world.

A key Program of Oughten House is capsulate within the Comprehensive DNA Activation Self-Healing Program. It presents twelve highly unique narrative protocols which can enlighten body consciousness to harmonize with the mental and emotions aspects of the participant, the family, the community, the country and the world. It is constantly unfolding and proven.

People are linking worldwide breathing and communicating harmoniously together, forming study groups and regional organizations. The Foundation desires offers to do its best to support this endeavor.

“It’s our collective consciousness that changes this world,

and we are making it a better place.”    

Robert V. Gerard

Networkers & Volunteers

  • Devoted people throughout the world are helping spread the word. Networking is a priority. The Foundation encourages members to network the Foundation’s mission, publications and services within in their community. They serve as major hubs to host meetings, workshops, and conventions sponsored by the Foundation. The Foundation has “Friends” throughout USA, Canada, Central and South America, Japan, Europe, Russia, India, and the South Pacific.
  • Volunteers are always welcome, whether serving The Foundation directly or indirectly.  Uniting additional associates in Human-Spiritual development serves humankind.  So let us know how we can help you.

“It’s our destiny to fly. Not just the fortunate few, but every one of us has been born to soar.  And until we do, we can find no lasting peace anywhere. … the river of life struggles through all obstacles and conditions to reach the vast and infinite ocean of existence who is God. … It knows no rest, no freedom, and no peace until it mingles with the waters of immortality and delights in the visions of infinity.”

—Swami Ram Dass


Educational Programming

To support members and the general public pursue an education concentrating on self-empowerment and higher consciousness, the Foundation offers a variety of workshops and courses. These are interactively designed and bring forth the techniques and tools needed daily in our lives. Every course explores the inner realms and trains the participant to redesign their outer environment in a peaceful and loving manner.

  • DNA ACTIVATIONS: 1 through 12
  • DNA Experiential Techniques
  • Cellular Rejuvenation & Expanding Positive Emotions
  • DNA Reading and Healing Techniques™
  • The Healing Body
  • Confrontation Skills Training
  • Living in the Moment Training and Facilitator Programs
  • Meditation groups and the meditation process
  • Communication Skills Training
  • Spiritual Leadership & Business
  • Speaking From Your Heart
  • Transitioning after DNA Expansion
  • Parenting the “Enlightened Child”
  • Spiritual Transitioning and Transformation
  • DNA Practitioners Certification Courses
  • Advanced DNA Healing Topics
  • Confrontation Skills Training Instructor Certification
  • ZeRo Point Technology Healing Treatment Programs

“Everyone counts at Oughten House.”

Oughten House Foundation, Inc.

PO Box 1025, New York City, New York 10024-1025 USA
Phone … 607-651-8934 
Secured Order Web Site:  www.oughten-house.com
The Oughten House Foundation, Inc. is a  tax-exempt, publicly supported nonprofit organization under the Internal Revenue Service code 501 (c) (3). Most dues, gifts, and donations are tax deductible.