Living in the Moment Program

About the Program

The best thing about this Program is that it is simple and extremely powerful. All fifty (50) Universal Truths were intuitively and divinely inspired. Each packed with subliminal aspiration, joy, and wisdom. Worded to enhance you inner and outer beauty, they bring forth in you the zeal to rise above any situation and manifest what best for your Highest Good.

The Living In the Moment Program consist of the Living in the Moment Deluxe Card Set, Training Programs to explain and reinforce each Universal Truth, Services to guide and coach you are your group, and the Community based Fund-Raising Licensing Program.

There are five categories of Universal Truths. Within each are 10 Universal Truths that can be used as prayers, affirmations, goal settings, inspirational quotes, and guided visualizations. The Categories relate to real-life environments and how the Universal Forces of Love nurture your wisdom to rise above any situation or challenge. They are listed as follows:

#1–Positive and Successful Living

#2–The Heart-driven Life

#3–Peace and Freedom




A good array of benefits exists for the Living in the Moment Program. That is based on application, whether used personally and within the family structure, or publicly within an educational institution or a community based religious organization.

Personal and family benefits:
— improves inner communication
— reinforces your confidence
— increases self-esteem
— reminders of your inner beauty
— topics for wholesome conversation
— motivational encouragements
— makes a great gift item
Educational and Religious Organizations:
— provides useful quotations for speeches and meetings
— tools for community reflection
— serves as a complementary self-improvement program
— can be used as In-Service Training for professionals
— serves as a great Fund-Raising Program

Program Methodology and Details

Each Universal Truth delineated functions as a technique for self-mastery. Their wisdom creates inner strength and awakening. Their simplicity empowers you to be all you can be, as God created you to be.

Study them. Analyze them. Feel their power. Discuss them with family and friends. Over a short period of time, you will feel the difference within yourself. Living in the Moment cards are filled with high-impact Universal Truths that foster positive change.

Introductory Seminars

This is an orientation seminar to further define and demonstrate the application of the Living in the Moment Program. Real-life examples of the Universal Truths are demonstrated to the group. This is a one-hour seminar.

If you would like to experience a session, please, first contact us at: