Intimacy Program

Moments of intimacy put a sense of magic in our bodies. It’s also the magic that keeps our relationships in tune. Raptures of intimacy are quite spiritual in Nature offering us joys of oneness and ecstasy. This natural process serves as a precursor to a higher order of physical, emotional, and social awareness. One of the greatest benefits of intimacy is a mentally relaxed mind, since the body has taken liberty to be totally expressive in the moment. Being intimate perpetuates more intimacy—it’s an expression with no equal.

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About the Program

Bringing the awareness and joys of intimacy back into relationships are what the Intimacy Program is about. Intimacy begins with one’s self. Once self-love is truly realized, then the sharing of love through intimacy to another can be better realized. Learn how you can become more intimate.


Feeling relaxed, at peace, and enjoying a sense of wholeness comprise but a few benefits of true intimacy. Relationships flourish when loving intimacy is expressed. Intimacy carries magic in its expressions.

“Intimacy exists Everywhere…”
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Program Details

The Intimacy Program focuses on how to become more aware of your current state of intimacy and what you can do to improve your situation. The Program offers workshops, assessments, readings, and personal and group coaching.

 Introductory Seminars
Most people are shy when it comes to discussions about their intimacy and situations surrounding that subject. This seminar helps to make the individual and group feel more comfortable, safe, and open to further explore their unique situation. Hosts and attendees welcomed.
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“Intimacy puts the magic back into your life.

Individual & Couples

Individuals and couples may need to attend to a particular situation. Receiving good feedback from a non-bias source is important, especially for couples who have difficulty understanding the perception of their mates.

“Intimacy of Eternity and Beauty…”

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Ongoing Coaching & Support

The very nature of intimacy is change. Often a question or situation arises that requires some coaching as to better understand the challenge. You can rely on us as we are open and receptive of addressing your needs during those special moments.

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“Intimacy with Others begins with Myself…”

If you would like to experience a session, please, contact us at:

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