Icon Power for Kids Program

Created and facilitated by Ms. Zeljka Roksandic & Dr. Robert V. Gerard

Safe, Simple, and Effective Techniques to help resolve
a child’s cognitive, emotional and social problems

The mind of a child is a powerhouse of creativity and imagination.

Icon Power develops childrens’ ability to use their creative minds to problem-solve. These simple, enjoyable techniques will help your child to: 

• Triumph over challenging issues and situations
• Cope with stress in the moment
• Take responsibility for problem-solving
• Improve self-esteem and confidence
• Transform challenges into positive learning experiences
• Develop life-long coping skills

"Your Children Are Powerful. 
They Deserve the Opportunity 
to Use the Power."

Program Details

Icon Power™ endows a series of images, or icons, with specific instructions for the brain. These instructions, or Empowerment Protocols, can be formulated to address any issue or challenge arising from undesirable mental and/or emotional programs. Recalling an icon automatically replaces old programming with new, life-enhancing scripts for well-being and competence.

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“The beauty of your child  is always expressed in the moment.
That’s when your child is most  powerful.”

Introductory Seminars

The details of the IPFK Program are explained and the parent has a chance to interact with the facilitators. The agenda of in this seminar sets into motion  (1) how parents receive vital information from their children, (2) how parents perceive their children, and (3) how children perceive their parents. This is a one-hour seminar. Hosts and Attendees welcomed…
“Are Your Children Powerful and Special,
But Unskilled in Handling Life Challenges?”

Icon Power for Kids™

Self-Empowerment Psychology for Children ages 8-10

Created and facilitated by Ms. Zeljka Roksandic and Dr. Robert V. Gerard

Simple, safe, and effective techniques to help resolve child-related cognitive, emotional and social conditions.

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No more brick walls in my child’s life!

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If you would like more information about this program, please, contact us at: contact@oughtenhouse.com