Hands of Peace Program

The Genetic Approach for “A World in Peace”


Mission Statement

Our mission focuses on creating a better understanding of what it takes to achieve “A World in Peace.” To awaken people with broadening thoughts and actions towards generating an environment for Peace and to encourage people to apply this information in their daily lives.

We desire to teach people to unite their hearts and minds, to use the magic in their hands to touch and connect with others in order to create and sustain “A World in Peace.”

The objective of our book “Hands of Peace” is to provide groundbreaking information, techniques, and action tools for individuals and their governing institutions as well as corporations to attain “A World in Peace”.

The “Hands of Peace” Book

by Zeljka Roksandic & Robert V Gerard


“Know what needs to be done to bring the planet
into its peaceful state. We need first to feel the power
of Inner Peace. When we realize the beauty of Peace
within ourselves, then and only then
shall we have ‘A World in Peace’.”
—Robert Vincent Gerard

The Trilogy of Hands of Peace serves as a tool and voice for the people of the world. It provides an educational quest for every individual, family, tribe, community, culture, and nation. Each section of the trilogy delves into the many challenges that arise with the question of who’s accountable for perpetuating Peace. The dialogues offered present a variety of concerns, issues, and petitions from the people to secure a better world and environment for living in Peace. The Hands of Peace Trilogy has three Volumes.

Volume ONE looks into the personal aspects with regard to achieving Peace. This volume divides itself into three sub-parts, which further clarifies the personal aspects and includes (a) looking within, (b) the power of Peace, and (c) Free Will and Peace.

Volume TWO delves into the social aspects for achieving Peace. It also is divided into three sub-parts that highlight the social connotations, which need to be understood. They include (a) the personal perspectives for social change, (b) institutional and governmental aspects for change, and (c) universal considerations for change.

Volume THREE of the Trilogy brings the reader into the heart and true purpose of the DNA Activation for “A World in Peace.” This volume provides the instruments for change. It is the “How-to” and application section that provides an numerus techniques, meditations, prayers, poems, and the detailed description of the DNA Activation for “A World in Peace.”

Hands are gifts to the world. We use our hands to bring you information, to hand-talk, to shake hands, to touch and embrace each other, to clean a tear, to deliver food, to make a bed, to guide you and to generate “A World in Peace.” We use our hands in service for the Highest Good of the World.

Are you ready to step forward, to open your eyes and see the bigger picture? Do you desire to walk through the Gates of Beauty and Peace? If so, then consider yourself as a contributing participant to this book.

Keep in mind that this book was written to serve as a voice for the PEOPLE. As more people become united, change will occur. In that pursuit, the best way to read Hands of Peace is with an open heart and to trust that there are higher powers at work.

In this book, we present an interactive dialogue among four major contributors: the People, the King, the Queen, and the Source, or “God” if you will. It also includes a fifth element—Action-Technique Exercises.

The PEOPLE serve as the Collective Human Consciousness expressed.
The KING serves as the Father- Masculine Consciousness expressed.
The QUEEN serves as the Mother-Feminine Consciousness expressed.
The SOURCE serves as God/Goddess Consciousness expressed.
ACTION-TECHNIQUE EXERCISES serve to help you become makers of your reality. The Action-Techniques include a variety of instructions, suggestions, meditations, and easy to use exercises. Most of the Action-Technique Exercises presented help change the genetic codes in your DNA, stimulating cellular rejuvenation. This complements your intent, imagination and passion for Life. When these exercises are repeated from the heart, the probability of manifesting physical change increases dramatically. Trust that by repeating these techniques you can change your behavior and this can change your environment. Using the Action-Techniques you can co-create the Kingdom of Peace.

Capture what is hidden between the lines of this book. Do not rush through this book. Process it. Feel it. Trust it. Do the same with your Life. Take action, activate your heart and extend your hands. Make “A World in Peace” the greatest of all your goals.

When your have read through Volumes ONE and TWO, then the real test for change and commitment is presented. The DNA Activation for “A World in Peace” is most powerful. It will change your Life and elevate your awareness to new insights for your human-spiritual evolution. Be patient and give it a try.

Now is the time to read and listen to what we all have to say and share. Let the dialogue begin!

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The Desire for “A World in Peace”

My name ZELJKA derived from the Slavic language’s elements:
zhelit “desire” and mir “peace”,
meaning “DESIRE PEACE”

“Desire to be ready for every moment,
be aware that all the knowledge and powers of the Universe
are guiding and helping you in every moment
…even this very moment. This desire brings you Peace.”

—Zeljka Roksandic

Desires are like soap bubbles. When you release them into the air, they shine and float. You can see the whole world in them or they can pop and disappear. The desire for Peace must be stronger than this bubble. It should be rooted in this world through your genetic structure. When grounded, it will grow as a tree bearing fruits of joy, freedom and love for future generations.

The desire for “A World in Peace” stimulates a person’s DNA to become receptive of God’s Plan and Energy in order to Expand Peace into the Universe. This means that “A World in Peace” is a genetic process. It is truly a creative process. Therefore, the difference between instinct and desire must be understood.

Free Will is what separates instinct from choice. Most that is driven by instinct cannot be controlled, and what is driven by desire can be mastered by Free Will.

Beyond the animal kingdom of instinct, humans have the pre-creative process of desire. Desire is not a behavior to fulfill a need, but rather an extension of a probability, which generates a creative fulfillment. For instance, the desire for having lots of money is fulfilled by what will be accomplished with this money: living in the nice home, eating healthy food, affording a great education, or traveling around the world.

To understand how the desire for Peace can be seeded, compare this with the notion of “Making Love.” “Making Love” is beyond the human instinctual need. Generally, most animals do not make love. They simply have a sexual union. The notion of Making Love has been virtually downplayed to infer having sex. In reality, Making Love truly means creating the “Space for Love” and ultimately, to bring in the Soul of a Child.

In a similar sense, the “Desire for Peace” means setting the vibration from which the Essence for Peace is seeded. The desire to stimulate one’s DNA Consciousness for Peace underscores the Divine Process to propagate “A World in Peace”.

What problems will change when humanity sustains “A World in Peace”? You will no longer see faltering economies, poorly managed governments, superficial wars, inhumane terrorists and zealous religious acts that produce disharmony. This will all stop! Political and corporate structures will be forced to tell the truth. The deplorable mind-set of lies and dishonesty practiced within advertising, pharmaceutical, genetic engineering, and weapons development will no longer survive on fear based motives. Ignoring human rights that were not honored and will no longer be tolerated. Most socially responsible business practices will set higher standards for people and society, and the quality of life shall reach a much deserved place in world history.

The body needs quality food to grow. And Society needs quality energy to evolve and expand. Money is the blood energy of society. The society that uses its money as social energy, tends to naturally permit its governed to become more educated and evolved. Inner Peace is the substance and awareness of society. Only with this energy and quality can society expand. As each society attains this goal, the global community will unite and expand as well in a sustainable peaceful state.

When everyone has Inner Peace and vibrates it outwards, changing the environment peacefully, Peace will erase stress and disharmony. With more harmony, people will have better perception of Life. The more health, the less need for pharmacy. The more honesty, trust and responsibility we demonstrate, the less corruption. The more Peace we have, the less wars and terrorism. The more money, the better the economy. The more unified perception of God, the less religious disharmony. The more education, the less governmental control. The more human rights that exist, the less rivalry.

The benefits of desiring and attaining Peace can be expressed individually, socially and globally: mutually and universally. The benefits are endless and many of them can be attained when humankind sustains itself in “A World in Peace.” It is not utopia, rather a sustainable achievement.

In conclusion, Peace can be considered as the only common sustainable element known throughout the Universe. It cannot be compromised. It IS. Peace has the same component for everyone. Unconditional Love can be a component, but can it hold its consistency among people? Therefore it is not sustainable because it is dependent on human emotion and perception. Even the perception about God varies among people, and even within the same religion. Only Peace can be found in each person, and when activated it holds the merits that can unite people to people, people to the universe, and the Universe to God.


“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”
—Mother Teresa (1910-1997)

Table of Contents 

Mission Statements
Prologue: The Desire for a World in Peace
Hands of Peace Trilogy

Volume One—Meaning of Peace
Part A: Looking Within
Give Your “Hands of Peace” a Chance
Two Aspects of Peace
The Seeds of Peace 
The Gift of Peace 
Peace in your Mind
Cells of Peace 
The Knowledge of Peace 
Manifesting Peace 
Peace in your Soul
Peace is the Way 
Peace is Your Inheritance
Act for Peace 

Part B: The Power of Peace
Peace in your Power
Peace in your Heart 
I am Peace
The Magnitude of Peace
Manifestation is Unraveling
Mastering Peace
Man’s Certificate of Origin
Peace in your Creations
Thoughts of Peace Within You
The Power of Peace Multiplied
Healing with Peace

Part C: Free Will and Peace
Peace in your Expressions
“A World in Peace” as a Universal Project
Good and Evil in Today’s World 
Choice of Peace 
Making Efforts for Peace
Universal Creativity
Peace in your Roots
The Way of Peace
The Music of Peace
Divine Peace
Saying “NO”
Adam and Eve

Volume Two—Expanding Peace

Introduction: Consciousness of Peace

Part A: Personal Perspectives
Peace is the Goal
The Role of our Genetic Structure
The Highs of Peace
Peace in your Environment
Missing Links to “A World in Peace” 
Peace of the Holy Spirit
Steps of Peace

Part B: institutional & Global Aspects
The New Trinity of Humanity
God’s Brain?
Growing Society
The Majority is for Peace
Governing Peace
Peace on the Earth

Part C: Universal Aspects
The New Galactic Earth 
Peace in the Universe
Relationships that Inspire Heaven on Earth
The Genetic Peace Grid 
Archetypal Peace 
The Hands of Peace


Volume Three— Sustaining “A World in Peace”

Application Techniques
The DNA Activation for “A World in Peace”
Performing the DNA Activation for “A World in Peace”
The DNA Activation for “A World in Peace” for Specific Subjects
Simple Guidelines and Techniques for a World in Peace
Inspirational Mini Action-Techniques
Angelically Inspired Action-Techniques
Quick Action-Technique Visualizations
Meditations for Peace
Special Angelic Meditations for Peace
Codes for Resolution

Financial Peace
Mother Mary “Queen of Peace”
Additional Tools
Peace Transitioning Monitoring Chart
Testimonial Sheet
The Genetic Peace Grid Organization
Lectures, Books, CDs, Training Seminars
Hosts, Educators and Volunteers
Authors’ Biographical Sketches
Contact Data

Give Your “Hands of Peace” a Chance 

“All we are saying is give peace a chance.”—John Lennon

We, the Collective, speak, and our desires are to:

  • have Peace in our lives.
  • expand our love for self and the world.
  • have plenty of good food for our families.
  • let our children play in safe places.
  • have good health care systems.
  • have the opportunity to receive a good education.
  • adapt to our changing environment.
  • be respected by other cultures.
  • take down all the walls and fences that separate us.
  • bring back social responsibility to all forms of business.
  • put an end to dishonesty and corruption.
  • challenge governmental incompetence and lies. 
  • stop all the wars and killings.
  • enjoy our planet, play and live a good life.
  • sing in freedom.
  • hold our Hands in Peace.

People, you have spoken. We hear your desires. These are your birthrights. God gave you a birthday suit; it is time to wear it with respect and honor!

People, you are curious souls. By reading this book, you are committing to give Peace a chance. Understand that Peace is real. Peace is the process that needs to be empowered and sustained all the time.
You cannot read this book, agree or disagree, and simply let it go. From this moment onward, you need to put your efforts in creating Peace within and around you all the time. 
Peace begins with YOU, but does not finish with you. It’s for everyone. Each of you needs to connect your hands with others, letting your fingers serve as roots grounding this planet in Peace. Then, the Law of Attraction, which connects similar expressions to one another, will do the rest. Our Earth will then integrate with Universal Peace and we shall attain “A World in Peace”.

Remind yourself:

  • Hands are very powerful tools.
  • How many hands were joined together to build the pyramids?
  • How many friends joined their hands to help build a new home?
  • How many hands from different countries united together to help people in need after a catastrophe? 
  • How many hands does it take to produce, transport, sell, cook, and serve the food on your table? 
  • How many hands joined together to create computer programs, cars, bridges and monuments?
  • How many hands have handled the money that you use to buy and sell things? 
  • How good do you feel when embracing your child, touching your spouse, hugging and shaking the hands of your friends?
  • When the hands of peaceful people are joined, they begin creating a consciousness for the Genetic Peace Grid. This Grid becomes the power source to expand Global and Universal Peace.

Action-Technique Exercises: “Be Here”

  • Look at your hands
  • Now close your eyes
  • Imagine your hands powerful
  • Imagine capturing the moment with your hands
  • You are master of your moment
  • Imaging holding Life’s gifts in your hands
  • See beauty in everything
  • Understand this beauty
  • Imagine touching roses with your hands
  • Yes, smell the roses
  • Bring in your outer world
  • It will make you feel larger
  • Fill your inner world with joy
  • Realize the moment
  • Open your eyes
  • Look at your hands
  • They are shining in Peace
  • Breath out Peace into the world
  • Be here
  • And it is so!

The DNA Activations for “A World In Peace” 

Whenever there is any feeling of tension or discord, I discovered that if I looked within myself for the fault and did not blame the other person, then tension and discord ceased.  — Gandhi (1869-1948)

About DNA Activations

DNA Activations are more than a concept. They are real, results-oriented and substantially supported by recent scientific evidence. The DNA Activations are a process of accelerating the functionality and sequencing of one’s genetic coding by using intent, imagination and passion.

Science now knows that human biology and psychology are interwoven. Equally important is the fact that human DNA has the capacity to receive external information as well as to influence it. In other words, your DNA can understand and process your thoughts and your imaginations. The corollary is also true: your DNA can generate circumstances in your environment.

The legendary quote “You create your own reality and the experiences in it” happens to be a truth. Understand that you are in charge of your world: mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Hundreds of thousands of pe