Non-hypnotic Regression in the Past Life

Importance of Regression:

  • By going back in time and space we can better understand what needs to be done to improve our present
  • To understand a relationship between what we value now as to how you processed our values in a previous life event
  • To see the bigger picture of self-healing
  • To better recognize ourselves, our behaviors, and why certain things happen to us,
  • To explore why we have to feel that some things and events we already know

Regression Therapy

  • Heals our parallel-simultaneous lives (whichever makes sense to you)
  • Surfaces the experiences that are buried deep in our subconscious mind, that can cause our fears, obsessions, problematic relationships, and physical problems

Reasons Why People Make Decisions to Perform Regression Therapy?

  • Fears and depression that appear in certain situations repeatedly
  • Fears that guide us in exaggerate behavior or create blocks within us
  • Uncontrolled body weight, and a variety of illnesses
  • Repeated happenings and patterns of behaviors in relationships
  • Philosophical questions about the meaning of life and death that every person is concerned about
  • Learning about our Mission in Life

The Principles of Regression Therapy

  • Observations are based on one’s perception
  • All the information revealed is subject to one’s discernment
  • Movement into the past is not an arbitrary (by chance) learning experience
  • Once the information is revealed and the person becomes conscious of it, it must be dealt with and treated as a current situation



  • Listen to your intuition
  • Ask for goal and purpose of present reincarnation
  • Ask for the task you need to accomplish
  • Ask what you need to learn now


  • The Helper/Guide is a manifestation of Subconscious Self
  • You can easily ask Helper any question.


  • The Inner Healer is a special type of Helper.
  • Inner Healer could heal health issues.
  • Regarding any suppressed illness, psychical or physical, if it is buried within our subconsciousness, becomes an illness that makes one’s life heavy.
  • The general rule is to go through the illness and experience it. In this way, we liberate ourselves and reach the desirable freedom.
  • Promises and declarations from past lives easily live and work in the present life, so during Regression, we could ask for detachment and free ourselves.
  • When we need healing, we can ask our Helper or Higher-Self for light bathing of our whole body.
  • During Light bathing, best to ‘Breath” out any illness or problems, free yourself from hate, and sincerely forgive yourself and others. In the end, only light can reside in your body.
  • At this moment you could feel love, peace, security, empowerment, and Light.


Each experience in regression therapy has symbolism. We need to understand the meaning of this symbolism to find the resolution to our specific issues.

Every new awareness brings us closer to freedom and peace.

Let’s become the Universal tool of Light.

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