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Terms and Conditions of Using this Website, our Products and Services

As of 27 October 2017

Special Message:

Our Human-Spiritual Development Programs utilize Metaphysical Exploration, and the social and esoteric sciences that circumvent religious doctrines, practices, and beliefs. References to “God, The Holy Spirit, and Angelic Realms” coincide with most religions and are meant to honor and respect the omnipresence of a loving, wise, intelligent Supreme Creator. The term widely used in our Programs to depict the androgynous Supreme Being has been set as “Father-Mother One.

Disclaimers and Release Form

By using this Website, our Products and Services, the customers hereby grant the Spiritual Practitioners Ms. Zeljka Roksandic and Dr. Robert V. Gerard, permission to perform any type of Spiritual or Alternate Healings Techniques on them. These include, but not limited to: spiritual energy reads, ZeRo Point Healing Techniques, Reiki, DNA Activations, gentle touch (non-intrusive) hands-on energy work, non-touch energy work, and general spiritual counseling.

By using this Website, our Products and Services, the customers understand that these healing sessions are not a medical interventions, or attempts to cure a physical or mental condition, and that no medical advice will be given. Any treatments rendered will be performed from a Spiritual perspective. The customers remain cognizant to seek the advice of a physician or psychologist.

By using this Website, our Products and Services, the customers consent that these healing sessions use no drugs, medicines, nor surgical devices, and waive any liability and/or conditions resulting from these sessions.

By using this Website, our Products and Services, the customer attest that he/she does not have any known psychiatric or severe emotional problems. The customer further emphasis that he/she solicited their assistance on his/her own free will and volition.

The customer hereby waive his/her rights to any form of litigation or claim of maltreatment as performed by the Practitioners.

Session Follow-Up Guidelines and Advisory

Generally, people have consistently reported what is presented below. Though these items reflect a major portion of effects after a session, there are many other favorable changes to consider.

Immediately following and even up to several weeks after any session work performed by the subject Practitioners, people can experience any number of the following:


•   People can feel rising of energy in their body. Some feel very energized and are able to work physically much more than earlier.

•   They are much more concentrated with their work and they are faster in doing all that they desire or plan to do.

•   Some people can feel very tired several days after session, and they desire to rest in peace. This is so because their body needs time for recovering and healing.

•   Some people feel energy flow through them, including their aura and chakras.

•   People can feel more grounded.

•   Some people can witnesses how their creations begin to manifest around them, and how they begin to generate abundance.


•   Expect to have possible changes in sleeping habits. It is more in balance after session.

•   Some people sleep more than they previously did and soon their sleep is deeper and more relaxed. Sometimes this may last several days after session.

•   Some people sleep less and feel that they are filled with lots of energy. Apparently, they do not need extra sleep to recharge their ‘batteries’.

•   Most common changes occur several days after session. This is because sleeping begins to transition towards a more normal or balanced routine that is best for each person.


•   It is very common to feel the cleansing of negative emotions such as fears, angers, guilt, etc.

•   Sometimes emotions can be cleansed through crying, feeling of sadness for a few hours, even feelings of anger towards one’s self or others.

•   Some people begin to better perceive themselves with love. This improves their self-esteem and self-worth.

•   Almost all the people feel joy for life, compassion and unconditional love for others.


•   It’s very consistent that people feel cleansing of negative thought programs, memories, mental stress, etc.

•   Some people feel empowered to easily say “NO” to all that they feel it is not for their highest good.

•   Some people better control their thoughts and words they speak, with awareness that they create their life all the time.

•   Be prepared to feel challenged and even upset as your inner world shifts and your outer reality (others) do not.


•   Many people begin to change their food and eating behavior. Some of them, especially overweight people, will eat less. Some of them will eat more. But all of them will feel balance of energies and desires according to food and their bodies.

Physical body

•   After sessions, people who had problems in their physical body can have short sensations in these parts such as pain, tension, or as if something has been moving or vibrating in this area.

•   It’s extremely common that immediately after a session, people have some noticeable cleansing of their intestines.

•   Kidneys and bladder can also undergo a cleanse and the urine can be darker than previously and have a noticeable odor.

•   Many toxins will be cleansed and people sometimes sweat a lot. With this sweating few of their kilos can disappear.

•   People can feel vibrations or flow of energy in their body more easily.

•   Persons sometimes can feel how their circulation is changing. We hear about how their heart works more in peace and in balance, and how blood flows better.

•   Women can have a stronger period after a session, and cleaning and rejuvenation of their ovaries and womb.

•   People can feel like their skin begins to rejuvenate and change.

•   Energy in person’s body can be very high and person can feel very energized doing lots of things in short period time, like they have few invisible helpers around.

•   Many people can feel their sexual creative energy, passion in them, rising; and they begin to enjoy making love. They will become aware of touch and embrace like powerful healing energies.

•   Some people feel the food that they previously have been used to eating becomes less enjoyable. And they begin to change their eating habits.


•   Some people can feel that their body needs exercise and movement, and they will have need to go outside, in the nature, walk around, or to dance, ride a bike, work on their body….


•   People often report a clearer understanding of their real nature.

•   Many reports of becoming more open and peaceful starts to enter their realities.

•   A substantial increase in the realm of “Hope” becomes more obvious.


•   People report that they can feel other people in their surroundings beginning to change and show more respect.

•   Most people begin to speak their truth knowing and expressing exactly what they feel, communicating without fears.

•   Lots of people can begin to clean their relationships.

•   People better confront to others without fear.

Customer’s Acknowledgment

By using this Website, our Products and Services, the customers hereby agrees  that he/she has read the above “Advisory” and understand that he/she may experience many different changes, most positive and possibly a few temporarily discomforting. These changes are normal to the healing treatment.

By using this Website, our Products and Services, the customer acknowledge that he/she has been informed of these potential changes. The Customer will do his/her best to report any situation to the Practitioners in order that they can provide the necessary guidance for the Customer to properly deal with the condition reported.

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