The Line of Hara Alignment

The Line of Hara Alignment

Cleansing and empowerment of Chakras along the Line of Hara

The Line of Hara: A laser-like line that (in a healthy state) runs through the middle of the body into the center of the Earth. When there is either split, opening, or disharmony within the Line of Hara, our Ego-self is at contrary to our Soul’s Mission. We find ourselves making the choices and decisions that are unusual for our Soul’s guidance and accomplishing its Mission.

The Line of Hara Alignment includes:

  • Reading and harmonizing the Line of Hara
  • Reading and harmonizing chakras along this line (These chakras are different from the main chakras in the body.)
  • Harmonizing the Line of Hara with the Soul’s Mission

Chakras along the Line of Hara

  1. Soul star (above the head)
  2. Chakra on the back of the head (neck)
  3. Thymus (between throat and heart)
  4. Adrenal (between heart and solar)
  5. Hara (between root chakra and solar)
  6. Hui Yin (between genitals and anus)
  7. Earth Star (below the feet)

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