The DNA Activation Self-Healing Program

The “DNA Activation Self-Healing Program”

Special Message about Nomenclature:

Our Human-Spiritual Development Programs utilize Metaphysical Exploration, and the social and esoteric sciences that circumvent religious doctrines, practices, and beliefs. References to “God, The Holy Spirit, and Angelic Realms” coincide with most religions and are meant to honor and respect the omnipresence of a loving, wise, intelligent Supreme Creator. The term widely used in our Programs to depict the androgynous Supreme Being has been set as “Father-Mother One.”


Helping you to achieve better health, ongoing happiness and increased wealth were the reason to launch the DNA Activation Self-Healing Program. This Program is about positive ongoing change. It all begins with the Revised and Expanded 3rd Edition of the Change Your DNA, Change Your Life book. The DNA Activation Program is now complete with 12-Sacred and Powerful DNA Activations. The final and thirteenth DNA Activation is a group ceremony and is forthcoming. These serve as your foundations for change. Chronologically paced, each DNA Activation offers a wealth of information, specific healing techniques, and Spiritual Empowerment: physically, emotionally and socially.

In addition to the DNA Activations, Oughten House will provide available resources for better health, nutrition, psychology, and exercise. This will include pre-selected advisories, articles, videos and affiliate web sites. Our goal is to make available to you a reliable ongoing resource of information to help support your Ultimate Change: to comfortably express your Divine Nature.

Let’s first look at the big picture: you and where you are going with your Life. Most people desire materialistic goals: a good relationship, a house, new car, children, entertainment, vacations, and a good retirement. Fine to all that. What generally is ignored is your Spiritual pursuits: happiness, peace of mind and heart, achievement to be proud of, and a closer relationship with God. These are your other goals. Living on Earth actually requires success with both sets of goals: material and spiritual, not one or the other, but both.

Throughout our Programs, we consistently use the term: Human-Spiritual Development. Our position is that you are already a Spiritual Being living in a human body. And both aspects of Life on Earth suggest that we tend to develop good outcomes for each aspect. Thus you maintain a healthy balance throughout Life. Needless to say, must people have enough trouble with the human aspect, and neglect their spiritual aspect of development.

Some information contained within comes from the 3rd Edition of the “Change Your DNA, Change Your Life” book and serves to assist you in the way you perceive your world, think and behave. Now passionately read the following:

Your Earthly Mission

One of your primary purposes on this planet is self-mastery: knowing yourself and your Purpose-in-Life, Mission and Destiny. This requires utmost change, dedication and acquired knowledge.

As you embark on this journey, your primary objective is learning how to live in the moment, attaining Inner Peace and eventually, World Peace. Your challenges serve as your agents of change. You need to learn how to reveal your gifts of Life, eliminate the fears of your past and the burdens of expectation placed upon your future.

Ultimate Change can be described as your freedom of expression. Clear thought. Total wisdom. Total recall of knowledge: instantly. Living life in this mode increases your perception of your inner and outer worlds. You are empowered, enlightened. You are the embodiment of Divine Consciousness. You, the Master, are one with GOD—Father-Mother ONE—Source of ALL.

The secret words hidden in this passage are: the process of change, creativity, gifts, inner peace, wisdom, and Divine Consciousness. All these add up to an Ultimate Goal: your Divine Expression. Within that expression, you have achieved having a beautiful and positive attitude, a healthy body, an excellent sense of inner peace, and carry a zeal for sharing this most sacred achievement. Did you ever see a very happy grandma? She is simply a great person, isn’t she?

To achieve your Ultimate Goal, you need to come to terms with your present reality: knowing your past, living in this moment, and where is your Life really moving towards. It’s all a matter of self-perception, constant awareness, and the driving forces of creativity and hope. Once satisfied, you’ll need commitment and motion. To be determined that you can succeed as a Human-Spiritual Being is paramount.

All this takes time, and that is what Life is about, using your time, while you have it! So, take the time to BE, to SEE, and to EXPRESS. All this perpetuates your Ultimate Change, which is an eternal process.

How Can the “DNA Activation Self-Healing Program” Affect Me?

It improves the quality of your Life. You are back in control, independent of virtually everything and everybody, except for your mind and heart. When your mind and heart are in balance, and you hold the instruments of ultimate change in your hands, you will go exactly where you need to go.

Best of all, it is all a natural process. There are no diets, no pills, no one to follow, no rejections: just you and the techniques provided.

It is only common sense that the majority of the world’s population seeks a higher perspective on Life. What people are really asking for is a better understanding of whom they are, what is the purpose of Life, and where are they going: their mission. Ask yourself: Do you want more out of Life? Do you desire to be happy, healthy, wealthy, and lucky?

But then again, you may ask: how? There are many avenues to approach, many of which are risky, over indulging, and not worth the effort. Improving Life is in the back of the minds and hearts of most people. Simply put, they want to get ahead. They want change.

Here’s how you can begin a journey of change without risking anything and subtly transform your Life naturally. The Activations DNA Self-Healing Program begins with the Revised and Expanded 3rd Edition DNA book. It serves as your foundation, your launching pad, so to speak. As you progress, you will be guided on what to do and how that should be done. It is content and results driven; there is no rush. It is an intriguing self-learning experience, which may be processed over time as you feel comfortable doing.

Your first goal is reading through the DNA book. Evaluate your new perceptions and increased awareness. Journal them. Then self-pace yourself through the 1-12 DNA Activations Seminars, which must be performed sequentially. Within this process, you will have a variety of Self-Healing techniques, and as an option, ZeRo Point Healing Sessions under the guidance of the authors (Robert & Zeljka). You, therefore, have a proven Program that can dramatically change your Life, the way you see yourself and the way you see the world.

Understand that you must have commitment and dedication with the DNA Activation Self-Healing Program. How you proceed through the Program is your choice. The results gained will be your measuring stick, but judge for yourself: the rewards are Life-long.

Foremost, you need to get to the point where you truly trust what the Program is doing for you. The more you trust and repeatedly use the Program and the DNA Activations, the more you will witness positive and subtle changes within you physically and around you, environmentally. Over time, your inner and outer worlds will bring forth more awareness, better health, more energy, more creativity, and well-being. Life will actually flow better for you.

 Cross-Section of the cell’s membrane with Protein Cell Receptors serving as antenna or perception instruments.
Better be careful what you think!

DNA Activations Stimulate Human-Spiritual Change

Change is good. Change is real. We must understand that virtually everything changes. The key is how you can benefit and properly sustain change. With twelve highly powered DNA Activations are now in place, the techniques to stimulate change are in your grasp. If you desire to move forward into LIFE with a firmer hold on your inner and outer environments, then the DNA Activations offer profound growth. Planning your Human-Spiritual Evolution is important providing you do not get in the way of God’s Plan for you.

From the DNA Healing Project’s beginning, the Holy Spirit has designed the sequencing of each DNA Activation to accelerate your Human-Spiritual Attributes. For the past fourteen years, I can attest the fact that thousands of people have taken the steps necessary to expand their human-spiritual horizons. Here’s how the flow has been planned:

The DNA Activation accelerates the functionality of the DNA and improves cellular behavior. It is a very sacred event and process. These Activations are Spirit-driven. They manifest in the ethereal and/or electromagnetic properties surrounding and within the physical body. The activations are a direct function of consciousness, which have dominion over the physical realms. The higher states of Human-Spiritual Consciousness are initiated and become the modus operandi of the individual’s mind, body, and soul.

The first four DNA Activations deal with purification and balancing. Each activation specifically focuses on a critical process for you to undertake physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Each of these DNA Activations approach and clean the shadows or karmic links you have had for generations, thus propelling you into a higher level where you are enabled to receive God’s Grace effortlessly.

The 5th and 6th DNA Activations deal directly with your roots for Divine empowerment. They help raise your consciousness and declare your Spiritual authority. It’s like graduation time and acceptance of your royal nature. Working with these Activations, you become enabled to accept the demands the Holy Spirit has prepared for you.

The 7th and subsequent DNA Activations empower your Divine Attributes. These Activations virtually anchor the Holy Spirit’s characteristics within you forming the essence of the New Trinity. Each Activation marks a major leap into your true Cosmic Nature while enjoying greater manifestations on your Earth Plane. In effect, the trend that I see is two-fold. One is the purification process of all unqualified energy and the other is empowering your Divine Nature and Expression.

In a sense, you are the Holy Grail. First, you must find yourself. Second, clean every atom or particle of darkness. Claim your beauty and power. Open to be receptive of the Holy Spirit living within you. And begin to serve God in the capacity of a Divine Ambassador of Peace.

Orientation to Self-Healings

True healing depends on your belief that you can heal yourself. Healing, then, is facilitated by a Mind, Body and Spirit interaction. Sometimes treatment requires the assistance of a qualified practitioner. Fact: over 75% of all healthcare inquires can be self-remedied, that is, self-healed. About 15% of the healthcare inquires need professional treatment or advice and about 10% are life threatening. People are too dependent on others for what God gave us already in our bodies. Be more accountable for what goes on inside of you and outside of you, as well.

The Foundation encourages you to be responsible for your own healing process whenever possible. Before undergoing any form of treatment from any healthcare professional, discern and know what will occur. No matter what, who, or when, you are accountable, no one else can make decisions for you. Ask questions. Know what will take place, and the risks involved, especially when it comes to pharmaceutical and medical procedures, and this includes the myriad of alternative healthcare practices and remedies.

DNA Activations and related self-healing techniques are alternative ways of communicating to the ethereal and cellular levels of the body, with regard to physical, emotional, intellectual, and psychological matters. Remember, your body has been designed to heal itself beyond what you can imagine. You must listen to it, learn to love it, and trust it. Ultimately, you are accountable for its maintenance and outcome. I highly recommend you make a serious commitment to better understand your body and how it wants to purify and heal.

To support this, the Foundation’s Educational Programs have been developed to provide training that demonstrate how the DNA Activations presented in this book and other related techniques can foster self-healings. The DNA Activation Self-Healing Program is a long-term process, not a quick-fix program and offers you a valid starting point.

Every day, you can effortlessly change your awareness towards your body and environment. You can change the way you look, feel, and behave subtly and naturally without anyone else telling you what you got to do.

How Best to Use the DNA Activation Self-Healing Program

Since you have Free Will and Choice, you are in charge—the pilot of your own ship—your body and environment. Assuming, you are open to performed all DNA Activations,  over a short period of time your well-being will become your priority. This includes your relationships, your career, your personal pursuits, environment, travels and desires.

Using DNA book, you have begun your DNA Activation Program. You unleashed the power of your Divine Nature and Life begins to subtly shift you into a higher gear of Life sustaining energies.

Your job is to perform all the DNA Activations, in sequence. However, once performed, you can repeat them in any order, and in any manner that fits your fancy. The frequency of repetition reinforces the Activation process. Also the more specific you are in determining your needs and desires, the quicker the shifts and the better the changes. Keep in mind that these Activations are Sacred and set your intent to respect that process.

We highly recommend that you keep a journal to track your progress as well as logging down your trouble spots and concerns: doubts, hesitations, fears, dysfunctional beliefs, and relationship issues.

On the following pages, a brief description of all thirteen DNA Activations is presented. All DNA Activations are presently offered via DNA Activation Seminars facilitated by the authors: Robert V. Gerard and Zeljka Roksandic. The 1st through 5th DNA Activations have each been converted into a Program Kit. They are currently available through the Foundation’s web site: Program Kits for the 6th through the 12th DNA Activations are in development and will be released as made.

Over time, you will be working through each. There’s no rush, either. Just do them. The 13th DNA Activation culminates as a Group Ceremony. Remember, it took many years of your Life experiences, successes and failures to get you to this place and time. Changing this takes a bit of time, too. Avoid expectations and impatience. Trust the Process.

As you progress, remember that the more you passionately repeat each or any DNA Activation, the more efficient your character and behaviors. You become more in control of who you are and where you are going.

There are currently twelve DNA Activations:

The 1st DNA Activation of Archetypal Chromosomes

The 2nd DNA Activation of Rejuvenation

The 3rd DNA Activation of Uniqueness

The 4th DNA Activation of Integration

The 5th DNA Activation of Royalty Consciousness

The 6th DNA Activation of Detachment

The 7th DNA Activation of Divine Residency

The 8th DNA Activation of Causal Interaction

The 9th DNA Activation of Perfection of Trust

The 10th DNA Activation of Generating Abundance

The 11thDNA Activation of Divine Order

The 12th DNA Activation of Divine Discipline

Forthcoming DNA Activation:

The 13th Ceremonial DNA Activation of Ascension Consciousness

DNA Activation Ceremonial Seminars

The DNA Activation accelerates the functionality of the DNA and improves cellular behavior. It is a very sacred event and process. These Activations are Spirit-driven. They manifest in the ethereal and/or electromagnetic properties surrounding and within the physical body. The activations are a direct function of consciousness, which have dominion over the physical realms. The higher states of Human-Spiritual Consciousness are initiated and become the modus operandi of the individual’s mind, body, and soul. There are currently twelve DNA Activations that make this happen:

The First DNA Activation of Archetypal Chromosomes

This Activation works to get the physical body realigned toward a healthier state of existence. The First DNA Activation of Archetypal Chromosomes helps to reconstitute the body’s original genetic codes and to accelerate a life-long self-healing process. Those who have been activated undergo substantial detoxification at both the physical and emotional levels. This is an important purification process that starts immediately.

In this Activation, we are calling upon two Archetypal Chromosomes that are primarily responsible for activating the Ethereal 12-Strand DNA to its full potential. They are:

  • The “Youth” chromosome: the “Spiritual” record-keeper chromosome of your life.
  • The “Vitality” chromosome: the most mysterious in nature, carries the key that unlocks the door to permit the dormant DNA to be activated to its full potential.

These archetypal chromosomes reside in the ethereal realms with their physical complement in the pineal gland.

The Second DNA Activation of Rejuvenation

This Activation of “Expansion and Rejuvenation” works to accelerate psychological awareness and continued holistic change. Results indicate that individuals find more peace within themselves and receive a better orientation as to their purpose in life.

This process activates, reconnects and integrates the new Ethereal DNA strands with all the remaining common chromosomes in every cell, throughout your body. In addition to changing the Archetypal DNA within Youth and Vitality Chromosomes, which began with the First DNA ACTIVATION, we need to change the DNA in the rest of the common chromosomes. This technique completes the integration of the expansion process. Over time, the human body will come to reflect a uniqueness of its own: a higher vibrational lightbody.

The Expansion/Rejuvenation procedure requires utmost diligence in application. It is a beautiful and grounding process, and has a poetic flare to it.  This Activation will become routine after several applications, so caution should be taken that the purest intent, and love from the heart, remain in focus.

The 3rd DNA Activation of Uniqueness

You are uniquely different and separate from over 6.7 billion people on this planet. Not one single person can precisely match your genetic codes or your personality. In the eyes of your Creator, you are unique. Uniqueness is your “art form” of Life. It’s what the Universal Forces of Life and Love empower and enhance. When you feel unique, it’s as if you’re living in your “zone”! The Third DNA Activation of “Uniqueness” awakens you to become more unique, unblocks your resisting life forces, and propels you into higher consciousness. It’s empowering.

The process of the 3rd DNA Activation takes on a whole new approach to your inner psychic awareness. Within your DNA Consciousness, an image of your “Healing Vision of Uniqueness” exists. Symbolically coded, it awaits your investigation and eventual retrieval to self-heal and empower your desires. The Uniqueness Activation better aligns your Higher Self with your current reality. It awakens your power and helps identify what you came here on Earth to do. You are unique, and that must be explored to attain peace and freedom.

You may still have some mental blocks, dysfunctional belief systems, or emotional scripts the keep you off-centered from your dominant trait’s unfoldment. The 3rd DNA Activation helps you eliminate and purify these doubts and restrictions, and empowers your talents.

The 4th DNA Activation of Integration

The “Integration” Activation performs a high level integration of the Masculine and Feminine Energies at all levels: physical, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual. Even though your human body sustains itself as a male or female, it still operates with some intricate blend of masculine and feminine qualities. The inherent concept of duality of opposites will segue into Divine Duality. You will then become more aware of your Divine origin and true nature.

The purpose of the 4th DNA Activation serves to initiate your attainment of complete balance of human evolution with regards to gender consciousness and the beginning elements of Divine Consciousness. The Father-Mother ONE Energy begins to surround you more frequently. The need to be receptive of feminine and masculine energies and their psychological complements rise sharply.

Over time, as the integration process unfolds, the mental and emotional barriers embedded within the subconscious and unconscious minds with regard to sexual energies will be eliminated. The Fourth DNA Activation feels as if you had a cosmic marriage with the Universal Energies of Life and Love. It truly accelerates your Being, integrating all aspects of your Being into ONENESS.

The 5th DNA Activation of Royalty Consciousness

The “Royalty Consciousness” or the 5th DNA Activation purports that every individual has a genetic KING/QUEEN structure within the DNA. These genes serve as the root of your kingdom here on Earth, your heavenly kingdom, so to speak. Your seat of Royalty abodes deep within you as Divinely designed genes.

The primary focus of the 5th DNA Activation prepares you to initiate Royalty Consciousness dormant in your DNA. Your mind, body, and soul begin to shape shift your inner and outer environments to efficiently function in this new Light of KING/QUEEN.

To partake as a King/Queen in Royalty Consciousness, you must first be grounded in your physical environment, transcend the limitations of social consciousness, embrace the ethereal realms of King/Queen. Then you are ready to sit in your THRONE and RULE your Heaven. Your environment (Kingdom) and body (Castle) now are grounded Spiritually in your Domain of Divine Royalty.

The 6th DNA Activation of Detachment

The “Detachment” or the 6th DNA Activation opens the genetic code for Divine Empowerment. Once performed, the Human experience first becomes detached from any form of dependency from Source. Now the God/Goddess empowerment begins. Under the consciousness of Free-Will, the empowered individual has the capacity to reunite with Source in Unconditional love.

Within this empowerment, the enlightened individual begins a steadfast detachment from all past burdens, fears, doubts, and hesitations. It is a very powerful cleansing process and must be considered when doing the 6th DNA Activation itself.

The Sixth DNA Activation demarcates the rise of the Individual-Human-Spiritual Existence. With new genetic structure in place, the participant can declare his or her highest form of his “I Am … Consciousness” advances into the state of the “I AM I” Consciousness. From this point onward, the participant has an ascendant consciousness into its own Divinity wherein the free spirit and nature of the good and beautiful are forever grounded in human form.

The 7th DNA Activation of Divine Residency

The “Divine Residency” or the 7th DNA Activation opens the portal codes that allow The Holy Spirit to dwell within your body. Once the activation is performed, the individual’s focus becomes that of manifesting enlightenment. Your primary attention is given to creating happiness and goodness rather than the quest for purification.

Within this enlightened process, the individual breaks away from karmic consciousness and begins the steadfast manifestation of Divine Duality (Earth Plane Spirituality) as seen from the Eyes of the Holy Spirit at every level: physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual.

The Seventh DNA Activation accelerates the individual’s Human–Spiritual Existence into expressions of higher consciousness and wisdom. As one’s genetic structure expands pure space within the human body, the “I Am … Consciousness” consistently attracts the Holy Spirit. In this harmonic interplay, happiness, peace, and freedom prevail as one journey into the true nature of Earth Plane Spirituality. Life becomes a place of service nurturing the creation of the good and the beautiful fostering the environment for World Peace.

The 8th DNA Activation of Causal Interaction

The “Causal Interaction” or the 8th DNA Activation delves deeply into the process of creating the relationship between your inner and outer environments. Within this activation process, the relationship between Mind and Heart are solidified into Oneness. Your genetic DNA Codes foster accuracy that enables you to express your true divine nature openly, honesty, and empathically.

This activation accelerates your inherent capacities to excel, become more peaceful and free. It stimulates your expanding consciousness, which enables greater perception and increased powers. It is a refinement process that transcends impurities and helps us manifest more abundance and enlightenment.

This three-fold Activation unveils the DNA functions of Truth, Honesty, and Empathy. It stimulates the accuracy of the way you think or your true loving nature; purifies the moment, opens the doors of competency, which propels you into freedom; and opens your sense of equality and compassion to your external environments, brothers and sisters, and the planet.

The 9th DNA Activation of Perfection of Trust

The Ninth DNA Activation for the “Perfection of Trust” accelerates the genetic codes bringing reverence to one’s creative endeavors. This means that a person has deep respect and devotion for each creation. The mental and passionate energy released by Trust sustains the manifestation of each creative process. Trust eradicates doubts and fears and brings heightened energy to the creative process. Trust and honesty attract the Higher Laws of Abundance.

Being honest to yourself can be measured by how much you trust who you are. Trusting your decisions, the unseen, the Angels and trust in God express the power of your true character. Trust and honesty form a behavioral partnership that exemplifies excellence in Human-Spiritual Evolution. The Ninth DNA Activation for the Perfection of Trust enables one’s genetic codes to accelerate this degree of Divine Nature and Excellence.

The 10th DNA Activation of Generating Abundance

The Tenth DNA Activation of “Generating Abundance” accelerates one’s genetic codes to process the Higher Laws of Abundance. When these codes become activated, the concentration levels of the individual become enhanced. With increased efficiency, the body is enabled to accept and receive more energy.

Understandably so, the Laws of Trust become a gift-like property. This allows the Creative Process to crystallize, thus providing more experiences and rewards. Eventually, one begins to understand the harmony involved when interacting with the Holy Spirit and the Universal Forces of Life and Love. Soon the individual habitually enjoys the thrills of generating a beautiful and abundant Life flow of energy.

The 11thDNA Activation of Divine Order

The Eleventh DNA Activation of “Divine Order” empowers the DNA codes to bring a higher and more efficient structure to your Life. Working within your Divine Nature requires the ability to handle conflicting conditions and situations systematically.

The results of this activation increase the potential for you to craft a workable plan to prioritize creative achievement and accomplish task without stress, rather with joy. By performing the 11th DNA Activation you accelerate your DNA Codes to systematically structure your body to facilitate achieving higher order Life events including your missions and destiny.

The 12th DNA Activation of Divine Discipline

The Twelfth DNA Activation of “Divine Discipline” sets high standard for increased focus and mastery. As your genetic codes accelerate, you become more prepared to generate stronger momentum to bring forth the awareness, purpose and the importance of your Divine Plan for this planetary Life. Within this activation, your mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual environments become highly cognitive and sensitive, thus allowing you to better address challenging situations and external resistance, and to live your Peace.

Forthcoming DNA Activation:

The 13th Ceremonial DNA Activation of Ascension Consciousness

As of this printing, the ceremonial content and format of the Thirteenth DNA Activation of Ascension Consciousness are being downloaded by the Holy Spirit.

What can be construed to this point is that the 13th DNA Activation has the potential to substantially alter the body’s electro-chemical systems in preparation for your mind and body’s enhancement of the ascension process.

Appropriate ascension requires psychological constancy and steadiness in character. It affirms that your Human-Spiritual Development has evolved substantially and has become quite disciplined. The genetic constructs of your DNA enables you to master your Earthly mission. Becoming the disciple of Universal Truth beholds your destiny.

Benefits and Results of DNA Activations

Positive change in one’s physical and emotional state, and consciousness are the primary benefits of the DNA Activations. Most participants realize positive effects immediately after and up to several years following their DNA Activations. The four (4) categories of benefits include psychological (e.g.: less stress, less fear, better perception), physical (e.g.: more energy, improved nail and hair growth, body heals quicker, better quest for nutrition), social (e.g..: confront issues better, elimination of past burdens and relationships, improved organization), and self-discovery (e.g..: keener awareness, positive attitude, sense of life purpose). These can be easily expanded and verified.


DNA Activations are a continuous process, and need to be taken sequentially, starting with the first. Participants cannot begin with the 3rd DNA Activation, or attend activations out of sequence. Participants may achieve as many activations as they wish, as long as activations occur in sequence.


DNA Activations presented in the book “Change Your DNA, Change Your Life” as compared to those presented in the Seminars

The first 2 DNA Activations presented in the book are generally a mental process. More substantial are the Ceremonial DNA Activations presented in the Seminars. Within the Seminars, more activities supporting and processing the DNA Activation are provided. These include Master Teacher guidance, grounding and sound healing exercises, energy readings, movement, and vital psychological feedback information that people cannot get through the book alone. In the Seminars, the DNA Activations are treated as Sacred Ceremonies. Therefore, to be in sequence, participants should start with the First DNA Activation Seminar.

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As you are part of healing process, you influence the outcomes, so, no Practitioner can guarantee you a specific result. Though, most of our customers have instant positive changes after our sessions.

We look forward to being of service to you!