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Created and facilitated
by Dr. Robert V. Gerard

The book Handling Verbal Confrontation guides the learner how to clarify and verbally address issues, and to face others successfully: without fear. It provides simple and learnable tools and tactful strategies to respectfully communicate and generate resolution and commitment. The techniques used have been proven and can generate favorable results quickly without fear.

Can you identify an issue and face it creatively–without fear? If not, you need to learn these skills! Your success depends on them. The HVC Program bases itself on the book Handling Verbal Confrontation that proves how you can verbally address issues, and face others successfully, creating a win-win-win outcome. The third Win is the relationship, which holds key dynamic attributes to sustain the purpose of the relationship.

Verbal Confrontation Skills are integral tools in sales, negotiation, and conflict resolution. They belong to the inner tactical strategy– the core process, if you will–of facing yourself, facing the issue, and facing the other person.

Handling Verbal Confrontation is an excellent communication resource that is practical, effective, and invaluable …. The book is an outstanding classic for peacemaking in the 21st Century.
–Angeles Arrien, Cultural Anthropologist, Author of Four-Fold Way and Working Together


The Verbal Confrontation Skills are self-mastery tools that will change your life forever. The HVC Program literally serves anyone from children to senior citizens. It can be customized for law enforcement officers, nurses, realtors, teachers, parents, or anyone else regardless of their specific industry.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do I get verbally and emotionally stuck when interacting with  others?
2. Do I react defensively and not speak what is on my mind?
3. When Communicating, do I need to be more empowered at home, at work, and in groups?
4. Do I feel the need to interact with compassion, command  commitment, and get results?
5. Do I need to increase my level of confidence when interacting with others?

If you answered–yes–to any or all of the above, then the Verbal Confrontation Skills Program can help you:

  •   Eliminate communication fears
  •   Resolve verbal issues quickly
  •   Earn respect
  •   Motivate yourself to deal with issues
  •   Confront with confidence
  •   Be prepared to challenge others
  •   Learn to be silent, yet forceful
  •   Say “NO” when needed
  •   Manifest a win-win-win outcome
  •   Put accountability back to whom it belongs
  •   Sharpen your listening skills
  •   Inspire others to think for themselves
  •   Strengthen your intuition
Program Details
Individuals, whether at work, in the home, or on their spiritual path need to face each other more constructively. We all know that information gaps or differences can be mitigated by confronting issues as they occur. Properly handling debilitating issues is an integral aspect of our self-awareness and, most important, our self-mastery.

In reality, we were never properly taught how to communicate, neither were we taught how to confront properly and effectively. Can we identify an issue and face it creatively–without fear? We need to learn these skills!

The Confrontation Skills Training Program guides learners how to approach others without fear, verbally address issues, and communicate successfully. It uses the Confrontation Model, a psychologically proven formula developed by Dr. Robert Gerard to achieve this state. These skills are key to personal empowerment and belong to the inner tactical strategy–the core process, of facing yourself, the issue, and each other.

Regardless of the adversative nature of the issue, the learner can apply the Confrontation Model’s techniques to clarify and simplify the process. The learner (confronter) stays focused on the issue and coaches the confrontee to creatively solve the issue for which he or she is accountable. The process is steadfast, accurate, and has a set interactive protocol.

A second attribute of the HVC Program occurs subconsciously within the confronter. As he or she learns how to confront others, a remarkable process awakens internally–the individual begins to confront personal (embedded) inhibitions. Over time, pending issues no longer exist. This frees up the mind to be more intuitive and less stressful.

The overall outcome of learning how to confront provides mental clarity and freedom to handle difficult situations more spontaneously, thus opening up creative energies to pursue other things in life.

Introductory Seminars
This is a two-hour orientation seminar to further define and demonstrate the need and application of the Confrontation Model and its techniques. The program details are also explained.


Are you a gentle soul? Do you walk the other way to avoid confrontation?–or perhaps shake for days if yelled at? If so, Handling Verbal Confrontation is for you. It presents a positive win-win situation for communication in these difficult areas. It will inform and uplift and in the process will give you confidence. The gentle soul remains, but with new empowering tools. It works!  –Lee Carroll, Author of the Kryon series

I believe Robert Gerard has made an important contribution to dealing with interpersonal conflict. His direct confrontation empowers all of us to take care of ourselves. The Fix, a clear and repeated request for commitment, is the unique contribution of this book.
–Doug Ross, Ph.D., Author of A Tao of Dialogue


This book is indeed an instructional manual for wielding a verbally nonviolent sword in problem-solving dilemmas. With plenty of charts, models, examples of confrontation scenarios, and on-the-floor coaching guidelines, this is a hands-on manual for learning how to get along.

Gerard has written an accurate and helpful book about how to communicate with people. It is a must for those who want to be effective in the workplace. Read it and make the ideas work for you.
-Dr. Drea Zigarmi

Coauthor of Leadership and the One Minute ManagerHandling Verbal Confrontation is an excellent communication resource that is practical, effective, and invaluable. The Gerard model provides skills and a clear map for negotiation and creative problem-solving during times of conflict. The book is an outstanding classic for peace-making in the 21st Century.
–Angeles Arrien, Cultural Anthropologist, Author of Four-Fold Way and Working Together



Handling Verbal Confrontation

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Corporate Mule



Some events you can control, some you cannot. How and what employees communicate on the job affects your profits substantially. Creative and constructive dialog best serves your interest and money. Unproductive chatter can slowly erode your profits. Take a peak at our LOST TIME CHART and see for yourself. What can 10 minutes of non-productive talk cost your company by year end?

Training Programs

Training Session Objectives 

  • To improve confrontation and communication skills 
  • To demonstrate that FEAR can be eliminated partially or wholly when facing others during a confrontation
  • To enhance performance and increase confidence when confronting others
  • To demonstrate that confronting self and others appropriately enhances self-mastery and promotes peace of mind
  • To provide a self-paced learning environment and advanced techniques


Almost everyone could benefit from HVC Training. Getting people to become aware of their situation and need is the key. Hosting gives you a chance to bring the Program into your community and earn extra income. You’ll be amazed at the results, feel great for your efforts, and set the agenda to become a regional coordinator.

Confrontation Skills Training Workshops (“CST”) 

To serve individual needs, three levels of the “CST” workshops are provided:

  1. The Basic Skills Workshop (HVC 101): 1-day class to introduce techniques that enable the learner to experience positive change in resolving issues. This is great for beginners and uses prescribed scenarios for practice sessions.
  2. The Intensive “CST” Workshop (HVC 102): A 2 1/2 day (16 hours) intensive. For the individual who want to get the full benefit of the Confrontation Skill Techniques using real-life issues during practice sessions.
  3. The Comprehensive “CST” Workshop (HVC 103): For learners who want in-depth examination and behavioral change in the way they communicate and confront. This format uses closed circuit TV and actual issues. Classes meet for a total of 24 hours, subdivided either into three hour sessions for 8 weeks, or four hour sessions for 6 weeks.

Each workshop is designed to meet the class and learner’s objectives.  

Training for Professionals (HVC 200)

This 2-day workshop is designed specifically for professionals in the counseling and educational fields. The professional will be given advance input and strategies with emphasis on the importance of energy and wholeness of the human body including each component: environmental, mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual.

Licensed Certified Facilitators (HVC 400)

Potential Facilitators must attend this Train-the-Trainer Professional course. In addition to being qualified to teach the Basic Courses (HVC 101, 102 & 103), participants will gain additional insight and experience using advanced HVC techniques.

Corporate Programs (HVC 900)

Corporate HVC Programs have saved organizations thousands of dollars and communication headaches. The content of the HVC material is designed to meet the specific needs of the host organization. The format used to deliver the training can be tailored to the employees’ schedule, usually 4-hour or 6-hour sessions, sequentially: daily and/or weekly.

Corporate In-House Train-the-Trainer Programs (HVC 950) 

Potential Corporate Facilitators must attend an intensive Train-the-Trainer Course. Under a specific licensing agreement, these facilitators can install the HVC Program into their organizations.

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