The spiritual development of each individual is essential for the construction of his identity. This spiritual aspect is an opening of consciousness that leads to spiritual fulfillment. The journey of initiation accompanies your spiritual development process to revive the inner light that is in you. We reveal here an effective method to achieve a greater awareness and the importance of who we are and value that we have for other living beings that accompany us in this planetary dwelling.

Attending and practicing only one of the points will allow us to be very perceptive and awake, that is, to be in the here and now. The code of conduct is set of keys that can help us establish a strategy to live and feel better in every way. These elements are:

  1. To live feeling that every second is the greatest of our existence, that at every moment we are performing the great work which the universe expects of us. Develop the conviction that we are powerful, creative, totally free beings and nothing and nobody can affect us. For, what good we desire for ourselves, we wish for others as well.
  2. Identify with all, be open to all, but not belong to anyone.
  3. Think that life is a great teacher, a wonderful challenge that is worth facing with joy and security, be in harmony with the world, avoiding the emotional ups and downs and negative moods.
  4. Avoid lamentations. Nothing is gained by lamenting what did not happen at the time, what we did not achieve, or what we do not have.
  5. Keep away from self-pity. Those who pity themselves, deny themselves the possibilities and deplete their spirit.
  6. Stay away from giving too much importance, or falling into the pride of knowing or feeling the axis of the life of the country, a community or a person. With or without us, the function of life continues.
  7. Remove from our vocabulary cannot, it is preferable to say: I do not want.
  8. Eliminate the “makes me” and recognize that it is: I do.
  9. Avoid lying or falsifying reality and simply recognize that sometimes: things do not happen as we expected; we make mistakes; we do not develop the right effort or simply, we have fear of success.
  10. Keep away from excuses and avoid leaving everything for later.
  11. Take responsibility for our actions.
  12. Avoid late regrets and feelings of guilt.
  13. Not to pride ourselves on qualities and talents that we do not have.
  14. Love and accept yourself as we are and avoid criticism of oneself and others.
  15. Be fair and equal. Avoid excessive ambition and contempt for loved ones around us.
  16. Keep away from prejudices and sentimental manipulations. Always be careful about what we think, say and do.
  17. Have the conviction that we are our best friend, our own boss, guide, instructor and authority. Do not depend on others.


By Robert V. Gerard


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