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A Child’s Face

A Child’s Face

by Robert V. Gerard

(Revised 5 April 2023)

“What does God look like?” I pondered as I walked upstairs to my bedroom. This elusive question consumes most of humankind’s thoughts. Just think how many answers we could compose once we know what God looks like. Hey! He’s got a beard. Or She’s magnificently beautiful. But I thought God was Caucasian. Oops! Will we ever really know? 

So profound may the face of God be, but we have not touched His beauty nor witnessed His Smile. Most important, though, best to focus on what God desires for us to feel, love, live in peace, and enjoy happiness.

As I entered my bathroom, my mental chatter became annoying. Is God a non-physical consciousness of Intelligence floating in the Universe? Regardless, I looked into the mirror, scratched my head, and my face was daunting. This spiritual whirling mind needs to stop. 

It’s getting late, and I better check on my little girl and kiss her goodnight. I stretched as I walked into her bedroom, filled with the happiest and fluffiest stuffed animals: her most reliable and loyal friends.

But she was sound asleep, lying on her back with her hands gently embracing her sides. With the soft light shadowing throughout her pink-trimmed room, I knelt beside her bed to get a good close before my last goodnight kiss. Her face was beautiful. Soft. Clean to perfection. Innocent beyond innocence. Truly in peace, I focused more and more on the gentleness of her closed eyes. Her nose, her lips, and her long delicate eyelashes. What perfection.

Though sound asleep, she lay there happily with a subtle and most precious smile. I took a deep breath. Then I sighed. Is this not the face of GOD? I asked myself. Need I search further to find the mysteries of the mighty ONE? Is God not all around us, everywhere? Are we not all children of God?

Questions flooded my consciousness simultaneously. My daughter lay still in heaven. My perception geared up. As I focused on that little babe of love, I saw her face telepathically communicate to me the mysteries of Life and God. 

For most of us, watching children play with other children is wonderful. They all run around, mimic each other, laugh, yell, and have fun. Yet, their faces cannot withhold any limitations or fears of who they are or want to be. For me, just looking at a child is a healing process. However, playing with children is a humbling experience as well. They’ll teach you how to cheat, giggle, and not understand the wrathfulness of winning. They are “process people.” Their goal is to enjoy the excitement of the game without even knowing its goal or purpose. Somewhat different than adults, wouldn’t you say?

If we were a God, would you sit in the clouds watching everybody? Of course not. I’d rather be in the eyes and hearts of everyone—guaranteed knowledge of a person’s truth. And more importantly, I would have a FACE; in fact, I would have eight billion faces.

Whenever we look at a child’s face, we may very well see God’s reflections. But do we envision that mighty figure of a majestic omniscient being “up there” outside and beyond us? No. I beg to differ. His energy is here, within, and around us, constantly. It will significantly affect how you perceive life, relationships, and the God within YOU.

The face of God reflects Divine Wisdom and Eternal Radiant Love. Each of us has a FACE of eternity. Our faces encourage conversation. Dialogue keeps the process of LOVE in motion. We need not understand God but instead communicate with God and experience the process of GOD—eternal love for all—as written on our faces.


Robert V Gerard

Copyright © 2023 Robert V Gerard


672 words  [ 6 April 2023 ]

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