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“…in service for my Highest Good”

By Dr. Robert V Gerard

The simple utterance of the term “…in service for my Highest Good” initiates a most potent element in personal development. It sets focused motion, a forward movement of mental energy. Using “…in service for my Highest Good” becomes a direct interaction with your Soul and, more inclusively, with the Universe.

Most of us understand that there are two facets of society, those being either (1) a Service consciousness and (2) the other a self-serving consciousness. The latter embraces those individuals who seek their satisfaction and physical accumulation realism—power, wealth, fame, and control. In contrast, self-serving consciousness embraces oneness and wholeness and supports the notion that service is a godly attribute.

When one invokes the phrase “…in service for my Highest Good,” it is an expression that one’s free will chooses to expand new horizons of goodness and beauty for oneself and hopefully for others. Of course, we all like to be served, which feels good; however, serving others provides compassion.

So, let’s consider “…in service for my Highest Good” as a sacred application. Let’s explore how we can benefit from this lovely and most powerful term. For example, you have a limited budget but generate the thought: I want an expensive red sports car. Many young folks might have thought the same. Nonetheless, when you invoke the sacred term “ service for my Highest Good,” something subliminal orchestrates you to manifest the best car for your well-being, which could eventually be better than your previous thoughts. Every time you come across thinking about a new car, you are adding energy to a possible reality.

Three months later, you get a good pay raise, have some extra money saved, and desire a new car. So, you meander down to a Porsche auto dealership and try to locate a red sports car. The salesman is delighted, bringing you to a particular part of the dealership, and there it is for $85,000. “This beautiful red sports card is all yours,” exclaims the salesperson. Your heart pounds, your wallet screens, and you leave the showroom dispassionately without your expensive dream car.

Unknown to your thoughts is that subliminally your eventual purchase has already been determined for you on the other side of the veil by your Soul, your intuitive mind, and maybe some lonely car soul who wants you as a master—a master driver, that is. Not being cognitive of this hidden phenomenon, you begin a more realistic search for a car that will serve your highest good within this reality.

Another example could be your indecision to go swimming or to ride your new bike. You get frustrated and need to eat something instead. Then you stop, take a deep breath, and utter, “is swimming the best thing I should do in service for my Highest Good?” You tap your fingers on the table, and suddenly you sense a beautiful sea in your mind’s eye.

The swim was excellent and more crucial. Swimming made you a better person at that moment, built more confidence in your decision-making, and made you more in tune with Universe, especially your Soul.

From a spiritual standpoint, beautiful life is your destiny. Getting there requires your learning, and learning brings you to an experience to gain wisdom. It’s an ascending spiral of life. Imagine throughout the day, many of your thoughts will be decisive in your life, and when you invoke that sacred term “in service from my Highest Good,” you’re clearing a path towards a beautiful life in concert with your Soul and the Universe.

We are often busy with school or work or serving our families, and we forget to serve ourselves. So just as little habit being uttered throughout the day as possible as you could alter your life substantially. If you want good grades, you must study more. If you want to be healthy, you need to eat healthily, and if you want to be physical, you need movement. But, most crucially, the more you invoke this sacred term onto as many thoughts, items, and events throughout each day, serving your highest good becomes aspirational and objective.

Lately, I have witnessed more people using the term “ service for your Highest Good,” which makes me happy. Because when I hear people say that, I know where their heart is. I feel comfortable knowing that a person desires growth and commits to attaining it. Applying that term to another person or group opens a new doorway for others to pursue. Understandingly so, are we not building better relationships?

When I invoke “ service for your Highest Good,” I feel comfortable, I feel great, and I know I am living in the moment.

Dr. Robert V. Gerard

Copyright © 2022 Robert V Gerard


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