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Divine Intimacy

[Revised 9 Sep 2022]

by Dr. Robert V. Gerard

We are all God/Goddesses creating each moment continuously. We evolve in an everlasting play titled Divine Intimacy. Humanity, as with all species on this planet, evolves instinctually, though it possesses Intimate Divine attributes mostly misunderstood.

Within our DNA, genetically or symbolically, the codes to sustain and propagate vigorously fulfill the order of survival. Consistently, the male, or bull, fights for the female, even if death becomes a reality. Intimacy in copulation, however, is enjoyed only by a few stemmata of higher order. Humans thrive to attain Intimacy but falter tremendously because of the barrage of fears and myths surrounding this most precious endeavor.

Intimacy must have interaction. The presence of an object detached from oneself: the subject. Sustaining the highest imaginable expression of Love, the creation of intimacy is realized. There exists no imperfection. Rapture and completeness are recognized by both—subject and object—lover and lover equalized. Total ecstasy and freedom are expressed and felt. Divine Intimacy perpetuates itself in bliss. Even its descending moments fill themselves with the air of silence, comfort, and peace. One feels secure in the Nature of their Divine State.

Becoming Divinely Intimate requires the absence of identity, though it reflects the fulfillment of your uniqueness. Only when you are free to express yourself without hesitation can you intimately surrender into a state of intimacy that is Divine.

Blessings, And Be In Peace,

Dr. Robert V. Gerard

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  • Hi Robert and Zeljka
    I enjoyed this article – my eye traveled to the DNA-Induced Response Activation process. Thank you – it was a wonderful experience.

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