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Divine Duality

An Oracle by Dr. Robert V. Gerard

[Revised 9 Sept 2022]

Copyright©2000-2022 Dr. Robert V. Gerard

Oracle Introduction:

This meditation dialogue serves you to continue to feel connected with Source Energy and to reinforce your DNA Activations. So, light a candle, get into your sacred space, and enjoy the essence of the message.

DNA Meditations

Greetings! Let’s embark on a heart-driven journey. Let your minds move into the Universe of Light and Love. Let its opalescence light enter your heart and enlighten your sacred signature of Life.

Divine Duality is a state of Being wherein separation and opposition are non-existent. Unlike the 3rd-dimensional duality of separation, within Divine Duality’s realm, what may appear as opposites, are merely other ends of the spectrum of Life and Things that form Oneness. The essence of Divine Duality is service. Thus, positive and negative, black and white, male and female, are not opposites but unique ends of the same spectrum, all in service to the other. All are in service for the betterment of the whole.

Your DNA activation is a liberation. It reunites the Father-Mother One Intelligence within. It eradicates all the past and ownership of history. This blessed signature is your new breath. The soul beckons to be in the body. The body sets itself in purity, cleaned of all the past and not knowing of the future. This enhancement makes human body beautiful, magnificent, harmonic, and balanced. Only in this fashion could the human body sustain itself in Divine Duality.

As the multiple DNA expands and becomes functional, your body, mind, emotions, and human-spirit will understand that your Lightbody is indeed present. So take deep, deep breaths. Let your heart guide you into the loving Universe. Let each cell rejoice in this new signature of life.

Know that you are pure. Becoming pure has now been established within you at a cellular level. Remember all your life’s times, all your connections, and remember your soul. For as the emotions you now create are bliss and are the core of what emancipates the soul back to the Source. The full expression of Unity with the Divine, the Omnipotent, will be again realized.

There is no separation between the planet, body, soul, and Source, the Divine Creator, our Infinite Being. All is one, purely heart-driven. You have taken a significant step in life with the highest intent to activate your DNA and higher consciousness within each cell. You are well on your way in the ascension process. This action allows the highest vibrations of emotion from your core being to be aligned with your soul. In turn, this aspect of ascension resonates in total alignment with Source, and the passage to oneness has been consummated.

Take deep breaths. Do understand that every cell in your body has allegiance to your Highest Good. Know that every cell in your body serves your heart-driven thoughts. Know that your soul genuinely understands every cell in your body. And every cell in your body is indeed connected to Source, the Divine Creator of Life. Every cell in your body has intelligence and humbly desires to receive your ultimate respect. This action allows each cell to express itself as pure Source Energy.

Rejoice in your Activations. Rejoice in the signature of life. By the Universal Laws of Intent, you have outlined the return, the remembering in motion, and, most importantly, your love for Source has been rekindled.

During your activations, the Ascension Flame moves into your mind in an array of flickering colors of Life. It points directly toward the pineal gland, as the gland points directly back to the Source—

vertically aligning Mother Earth with the Father Creator. All is One, and One Is All. And whatever takes place in the cosmos takes place within the inner cosmos. Whatever takes place in Divine Intelligence takes place within the Divine Cell. The human body and the soul are but expressions of this magnificent union of Spirit and its energy.

As your consciousness expands in each cell, the consciousness of your heart-driven mind expands and becomes denser with wisdom. As each cell becomes pure, more light pours forth, and the vibrations become more harmonic. Yes, indeed, you have made a conscious movement in life to move back to Source. It is not done as if on a journey, but rather, it is done through expansion. It is not done through a cord but through emotion and vibration, as by Source.

The Divine Communicator communicates throughout the Universe, to all galaxies, stars, humans, cells, without discrimination, without judgment. The Divine Communicator knows all. Divine Perfection is what gives the Universe its beauty. Divine Perfection is what attracts the human mind to look into the grand mysteries of the Universe and cosmos. Divine Perfection is what your cells are structured after. There are trillions and trillions of galaxies. And the human body has trillions and trillions of cells, they love one another. They communicate with one another.

Divine Emotion resonates throughout the Universe. Divine Emotion resonates throughout every cell. All is known, all is harmonic, and the sounds of life continue to pour in and echo through all cells and the Universe. For we are One Expression, and we are One Being.

The Divine Creator is present in every cell as the Divine Creator is present in the Universe. How does the cell learn to multiply? And how does the cell know to love? And how does the cell know to motivate itself into purity? It’s Divine Creation, my friends.

And we speak of immortality. We honor the mystique of immortality. So many prayers to be immortal. Open your hearts. You are. How else would you be here? You are one with the Divine Creator. You are one with each other and every cell. You are as magnificent as the most fantastic galaxy. You are a reflection of the totality of immortality. You are. The beauty lies within your uniqueness. The most precious gift from the Divine Creator is your uniqueness. It’s the beauty of your face, the reflection of the God/Goddess that you are at this point of manifestation. You are beautiful. You are a pure reflection of the purity of thought, intelligence, and divinity.

Breathe deeply. Many of you have experienced these DNA activations. Some have experienced activations, not even knowing they have been activated. For what genuinely are activations? They are your heart-driven conscious intents to embrace Source, the Divine Creator, with your entire being, with your heart, and your Human-Spirit. Look around you and listen, for many have been emancipated and remain on this planet in total service to Source, humanity, and all your brothers and sisters.

In these changing times, there is no place for fear and the creation of fear. They are but anchors to mortality. They are roadblocks to the full expression of Spirit. And they are indeed illusions. Fears are illusions that you have chosen to create. Rid yourself of every fear. Rid yourself of judgment and revenge. Rid yourself of the past and rid yourself of the future. Fear receives no nourishment from living fully in the present. Fear cannot sustain itself in love. As you breathe in deeply and find in your heart a doubt, a concern, or a fear, let the ribbons of life embrace those doubts and fears. Pour love around them. Once and for all, magnificent beings, love your fear, and fear will no longer have substance. In this way, when you perceive fear from the point of Divine Duality, it no longer has power and will be absorbed into the consciousness of love.

Time within the new millennium, as you understand it to be on this planet, emerges from within the Earth, and it within every cell of the human body. Know that memory resides in the cells of time. When fear surfaces in our memory, remember that it has no place, finds no home, and finds no existence, for it is your illusion from Truth.

The new millennium brings beauty and new life—the rebirth of Earth’s Divine Duality. Love life and live life. Open your hearts and know that all the transitions and changes that lie immediately before you are the final frontiers of human development. And as you move through each, rejoice, remember, and feel the power of your Human-Spirit existing within you. And now, with your highest wisdom, you are one immortal being. Be resilient. Be disciplined. And respect every cell in your body. Respect every brother and sister. Respect every star you see. And respect existence, for you, are all part of the same.

Look deep within your hearts. Stretch and embrace Source, you are beyond the fears of the millennium’s 3rd -dimensional duality. Allow your DNA Activations to set you free. In your heart, in every moment, feel oneness and immortality. Feel surrounded by loved ones. Feel surrounded by your angels, the masters, the divas, and all your friends, for you are not alone.

So honor your DNA Activations; they are Sacred. Put to rest the past. Put to rest the future. And bring forth the discipline to shine in the now. Let the body go through the changes that it needs to change. Do not judge what happens, but let it be. Let your body purge what keeps it from being brightened by the love of Light. Send forth love from the abyss of your soul. Let our souls work together and heal one another. Let our souls embrace the souls who have forgotten or been allowed to be overtaken by fear. And let each of these souls be surrounded by Light.

Each of you is a magnificent being. Each of you reflects the power, the mighty, the love, and the compassion of the Source. There is no other cause. There is no other purpose other than pure, Divine Expression. And in these final moments of our meditation, remember the dance, the play, the celebration of life. As our Infinite Being dances, plays, enjoys, so does each cell, each human, and so does each soul. Move into the highest octave of thought, heart-driven thought. And know that the pure emotions you create—the pure feelings of love, the pure emotions of sharing, and the pure emotions of being—are what move us to the Supreme Intelligence of Life. Let 3rd-dimensional duality and its powers of separation fall away. Allow this lower function of duality to go. Begin to accept the premise that in Divine Duality, your Heavenly state exists.

Now take deep breaths. Be in Divine Duality and feel your Oneness with Self. Be in Divine Duality and feel your Oneness with the Universe of Light and Love. You are One Divine Soul—existing.

In your mind, see the beauty of the planet. Hear her expressions and let her nature move through and into your heart. Feel the Earth’s wisdom and compassion. Let her creations and the explorations of play and dance enter your heart. Rejoice in this new integration of Life and ascend into a higher being. Ascend from separation and move into the Divine Duality that awaits you. Be at Peace. Be Free. Be pure and BE.

Blessings, and live in Peace, and Enjoy your Freedom,


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