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“Falling in Love” Versus “Rising in Love”

by Dr. Robert V. Gerard

(Revised:  07 September 2022

There exists a significant difference between the notion of “Falling” and “Rising” in love: she “falls” in love with him; he “falls” in love with her. This human constraint has stymied humankind from civilization to civilization. So, let’s explore how “Rising in Love” can better serve you.

Sexual relationships work to cause experiences that will eventually guide you to listen to your heart’s intelligence. True love is heart-driven. Relationships affect the heart and are the instruments that generate experiences to make that happen.

“Falling” in love carries an accepted notion influenced by our society, movies, music, and soap operas. The term “Falling in Love” is traditionally welcomed. It is more of letting go of your concentration of Self into the potential expectation of what and how it affects another.

Partners in a “Falling in love relationship can innocently become co-dependent on each other’s energies. Should that happen, a dependency silently grows, decisions, expectations, and communication become co-dependent as well. Partners, generate tremendous reciprocal energy patterns of conflict and confusion in this case. The energies between the two partners become stressful as their individualities erode. The “Falling-in” lovers are out of synchronicity. Energy can be chaotic, inconsistent, and in turmoil. Pain and grief are usually the compromises, followed, of course, by depression.

You can subconsciously become disempowered when “Falling” in love. Setbacks occur when your expectations or desires for another become subjective within the relationship. You virtually begin surrendering your inner relationship with Self. You begin to forget what makes you unique and centered. I parallel this as falling from grace. When this occurs, you must rekindle the Spirit of true Self-love. You do this to regain personal balance of your perception of “rising” your unique Self.

When partners begin to “Fall” out of love, feelings of distress, abandonment, and even rejection set in. On the surface, these feelings are construed as a loss of energy. This is a misnomer because the creative force of Love cannot be identified and is assumed to be nonexistent. Details of Love remain suppressed and unused. This suppression of energy builds relentlessly into a reservoir called: anxiety. Once rationale and logical mind generate mental chatter, heart-driven intelligence becomes dormant. The emotional heart withdraws to an unconscious state and becomes brittle and dysfunctional. Eventually, it descends to a broken heart.

At the moment of “Falling in Love,” one can feel their heart pouring out. It trembles with excitement as it abandons the most sacred place of its existence—its heart center. For some, the enthusiasm sensed may very well be the fear of potential abandonment or rejection.

Nonetheless, “Falling in love” is an acceptable phrase for society, and institutional laws protect that paradigm. Lawyers and counselors rationalize the process for you. Society plays havoc on the scenarios of heartbroken people. From soap operas to heart-wrenching love stories, best-sellers, and tear-jerkers, conflict is captivating and addictive. Duality thrives on opposing energies. Blood runs hot, and our emotions flare in agony, but we humans must prevail, so there must be something good about “Falling in Love.”

“Rising” in love brings on the notion that you never surrender self-empowerment for another. You stay steadfastly centered in love with one’s Self and keep the highest integrity with your Soul. You remain centered in Self while creatively sharing and merging with the energies of another. Beauty in Self and the Self of another are never lost or jeopardized.  

With “Rising” in love, you must maintain the emotional balance for the energies to integrate correctly. The imbalance signal is communicated if conflicts arise between you and your partner. Thus, the partnership needs the creative forces soon reconciled. Otherwise, the system of integration becomes defused. Each partner immediately generates wisdom and affection to prevent further disintegration of their loving relationship.

When capturing the moment of “Rising” in love, you can sense a force field of love. It is grounded in your heart center, moves upward through you, and outward towards what you love. There’s never a separation between what you love and who you are. It always remains in a state of oneness. Being in a higher state of consciousness increases your energy flow substantially. In this state of detachment, you objectively deal with Life.

These philosophical differences primarily distinguish the character on how you position yourself in social consciousness. When you “Fall” in love, it is analogous to pouring your energies into the embodiment of another. When you “Rise” in love, you accelerate moving your energies into higher creative realms. There always exists the opportunity to integrate love objectively. Attachment and dependency are not demonstrated, and you maintain the awareness of Self. We deem this as a detachment, though never detached from true love.

Freedom has its merits. Freedom in a relationship is not so much in mobility as in free expression. When one enjoys a stream of consciousness reflecting peaceful existence, inner peace empowers personal freedom. If you “Fall” in love,” you ignite a level of consciousness that endows obligation, i.e., immobility. If you “Rise” in love,” you virtually stimulate mobility through your creative process, inadvertently demanding more freedom. In this state of consciousness, your cognition and emotional complement become enhanced as life is more fulfilling.

From a Spiritual point of view, there’s no turning back on LOVE. Love IS. It can be shared, merged, and discouraged but will always remain as an ascending energy flow. It is a form of creative energy that resides outside the boundaries of mind and free will.

Free Will allows you the opportunity to choose how to make love, whether falling or rising. Humans have the choice to empower or disempower the process of “Making-Love.” The God-given right of Free Will provides the mechanisms of creativity to perform tasks positively or negatively. This is a fundamental principle of duality. It provides events and experiences for you to discern. Proper use of free will enables you to remain centered, in oneness, with your body and Spirit.

In a pure sense, Making-Love serves as one of the highest acts of the human creative process. Making-Love is a pure and noble act that brings forth a state of Grace and Peace. Manifesting Love-Making brings a sense of royalty with Spirit within the partnership.

The solidarity of a partnership demands that each partner remain centered and cognitive of one’s intents and actions for their own Highest Good. Each will witness how Universal Forces of Love systematically provide a constant supply of heart-driven energy and wellness into the partnership.

When two partners experience heightened passion, a sense of awe and bliss appears. This action elicits a state of divination or inner peace. The duration of this sensation will increase, providing both partners attentively generate higher standards of intimacy and co-existence.

My request to you: What will you do to rise in love and honor your inner beauty? I’d love to know your insight.

Have a romantic day.

—Robert V Gerard

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