On Being Fully Human

According to author and healer Claire Swinney, understanding the notion of Divinely Human explores the beauty and importance of being human. It’s reaching deep into our hearts to find the truth that will assist us in accepting the qualities of this experience as human beings.

The truth teaches us not to forget or wallow in our past but to reclaim it to expand our understanding of ourselves in physicality and sustain Life on Earth that serves as our home.

“Divinely Human” allows us to become more balanced, living with a new sense of what perfection is. A place of serenity within oneself and knowing that everything we dream of becoming, physicality can and will provide that place of manifesting the dream of healing the past.

Humans must realize divinity in physical form rather than trying to reach outside the body, and beyond Earth. We have chosen to live here as physical beings, and it is by honoring and accepting our physicality, rather than denying it, that we will move forward in our evolution. Likewise, humankind must realize their divinity instead of reaching for a higher authority beyond themselves. Best to remember that we are creators, our own God and Goddesses, our saviors, and our healers.

In the bestseller children’s book, Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, its message is delicately placed, “… the importance of looking beneath the surface to find the real truth and meaning; and to see with one’s heart instead of just with one’s eyes.” That wisdom had to be learned through experiences, which generate circumstances and consequences.  Living in the proverbial “Box” limits and prohibits the learning process. It takes away risks and adventure and hides the unknown. To see the beauty in Life, you must leave the Golden Cage of comfort. And when you do, you will begin to see how the Universe provides the ingredients for a better life. One of the first shifts you’ll discover is a better attitude, which gets the ball rolling.

Being fully human is a pursuit of a higher dimension of existence. Here, good attracts good. Light attracts Light. Good people attract good people. And the mind becomes heightened with less brain chatter. A sense of freedom begins to encase you.

In the Bible, Jesus said, “Ask, and you shall receive.” That works when your heart is centered in the right place. Unfortunately, most people don’t ask. Instead, hope or wait, or worse, beg. So, first, you must ask the Universe something specific for your Highest Good. Secondly, be open to receiving when it arrives, whether an image, a thought, or an actual thing. Lastly, give gratitude for what you received.

Living in a higher and loving dimensional state shifts your energies efficiently. You become more balanced, hold a more explicit mindset, and have better control of your emotions. Everything begins to shift into worlds of creation, completions, and resolutions. You are humbly moving forward without all the egoistic junk.

Well, how do you feel after reading this material? Did it inspire you, or did it confuse you? Either way, you know more about yourself and some of the concepts of Spirituality. Remember the five (5) crucial factors; did they receive your proper attention? Recalling them…

  • The first is your physical body: this fantastic machine takes you precisely wherever your Mind dictates. Understand, “You create your reality.”
  • The second, your Emotional Processor, your Heart Chakra, informs you of the state of your well-being, joys and sorrows, happiness and sadness, and what stimulates your encouragement and hope.
  • The third is the production of Light Energy and the Intelligence it transports. Light is an internal healing process, but it also carries healing information outwards.
  • The fourth is your underlying relationship with Earth and its obligations to humanity and the Universe.
  • And the fifth is your relation and interaction with the Universal God Intelligence.
Source: Excerpts from Getting Out of the Box: Working with Spiritual Concepts

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