Grasping Consciousness and Light

Consciousness is a term used by many but least understood by most though used primarily to explain awareness and presence. Light is to consciousness as petrol is to an auto or food to the body. I consider consciousness as a noun, an object, or a thing, which is expandable. I also believe in Light as Intellectual Energy, which expands consciousness.

The doctor could say that the patient fell off a roof and lost consciousness. The preacher could say that his student thinks consciousness floats above the clouds. But for most, consciousness infers awareness and potential expansion of one’s Being. According to Christopher Hills, a former leader in Health and Spirituality and creator of Spirulina nutrition said,

“Cosmic light energy is intelligent and aware, so we call it consciousness.”…
“Anything that has a behavior pattern has consciousness.” *

Thus, not only do humans have consciousness but so do atoms and sub-atomic particles. Everything we know of has consciousness, even a rock consisting of atoms. Jesus worked with the individual’s Soul and Consciousness when performing healings.

The critical point for the spiritual neophyte to grasp is that Light Energy holds the Intellect of its existence and that of the Universe itself. Most straightforwardly, Light transports all Intelligence and its propagation of Life. Therefore, we capitalize Light to infer Spiritual Intelligence.

Apply this knowledge about your Chakra System. You can conclude that Light not only enters the body to nurture its Intellect but also enables the body to emanate love, compassion, and intelligence back into this world. With this understanding, consider yourself a creator being and a key player in your evolution and the evolution of humanity. You are an essential player on this planet.

So please ask, “How does Light serve me?” As you generate more Light in your Being, you become more perceptive. You become a bit telepathic, and you feel emotions more accurately. Thus, your intuition empowers you to move through thoughts and activities with more incredible sensations. In addition, you become more knowledgeable about yourself, other people, and your surroundings. In a sense, you can see Life better.

You can feel your fellow human companions more accurately and better deal with them, their emotions, and their intents as you become intuitive sharper. So, if someone is lying to you or has negative vibrations, you will be more inclined to observe and deal with that person. One could say that you are better protected.

But what does this do with helping you get out of the Box [the Golden Cage]? The more expandable Light and Consciousness, the more imagination is generated. As you become more all-embracing, the Cage becomes smaller. Soon you can’t fit in the “Box,” and it explodes. Sound familiar? You are again free to create a better Life for yourself without all those social condition scripts.

Best to find avenues to generate good feelings and more joy. Seek positive people and lively relationships. Do daily affirmations, find inspirational material to recite, and a few simple good books that are uplifting to read. Good movies and documentaries are also helpful but try to avoid bloodshed-oriented movies: there’s enough of that thrown at you on the news and theatre.

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