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Humanity & Imagination


Viruses and other earthly catastrophes continue because as each day passes, doubtful and saddened feelings feed individuals who are self-indulgent or fear their loss of freedom. Freedom from what? Should you live in Myanmar, North Korea, or Belarus, then you’d know how important freedom is?

Humanity needs us to embrace each other, including governments and corporations. The economic destruction experienced globally need not last, which requires a new mindset of living harmoniously. Beautiful global cultures need sustainable resources to celebrate their existence and heritage. We must learn to respect other cultures and societies if we seek to end all this turmoil.

We need to stop global impoverishment, bring JUSTICE to corporate and political corruption, and restore a sustainable environment. The LIGHT is above us more than ever before. We must absorb it, give it more love and share if we have the HOPE to transform our world.

If we seek to know the TRUTH to our existence, as Spirited Beings, each of us must _______________________ (What?)  …you tell me, and I’ll share your thoughts.

Using Your Imagination

Do cows imagine? What do you suppose fish imagine? The answers are “No, I don’t know,” but you can imagine that they cannot imagine. Imagination is a creative process, and humans have the DNA built into their cellular composition to facilitate imagination. The former industrialist, billionaire, and one of the wealthiest persons in the world (c 1900) Andrew Carnegie said,

“Whatever man’s mind can conceive, believe, can be achieved.”

How does imagination help you advance? Imagination serves as a pathway into your future. Imagine a person giving you a thousand dollars saying you deserve it? Imagine you giving a child a lovely gift and witnessing the joy on the child’s face?

Often in my workshops, I heard, “I can’t imagine.” Immediately, I responded by saying, “That’s okay,” knowing that people imagine all the time but don’t realize it. A good example is brain chatter. Everything your ego is pumping through your mind is a form of imagination. And in most cases, that generates fear or discomfort. 

To offer help, sometimes I create a visualization and then ask a question. For example: “You are about to receive a bank check as a financial reward for being an honest and caring person. What amount of money would like to boldly appear on the check that makes you excited?” Another example is, “Hey, if you were to buy a new car, what color would it be?”

A good practice is to claim that by using your imagination, you can free yourself from being locked in the infamous ‘Box.’ Best to state, “I will visualize having a lovely smile on my face, especially when passing a mirror and greeting people.” “I see beauty in everything I see.” “I radiate a positive attitude wherever I go.”  

Imagination is a great attribute and can be used to carve out stepping-stones to an excellent and beautiful future. Use it as often as you care to and enjoy the consequences.

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