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The USS Titanic

USS Titanic

15 April 1912 – 15 April 2020

History repeats itself, but do we learn from it? Wisdom, gained from our experiences, but do we use it? Oh well, I guess history and wisdom are cheap.

While watching YouTube and exploring some of our histories, I came across the video of the RMS Titanic and its maiden voyage. Tragically, on 15 April 1912, one hundred and eight years ago, it sank, and over twelve-hundred people lost their lives—basically because of ego and greed. The architect and owner wanted to break records and beat out its competitor, the Cunard Line, which proved very wrong. 

The Captain had his orders: “Full steam ahead, keep an eye out for icebergs, we got to keep the business going,” said the owners. “This ship is unsinkable, not even God can sink it,” said the owners. “And let’s dine, party, and enjoy the sail,” said the owners. With all the warning and caution of advanced technology, the RMS Titanic could not evade and hit an iceberg; and within a few hours sank, taking many good lives with it. A preventable situation. 

So, what did we learn from the Titanic story? I like to compare it with today’s pandemic. It was built in Wuhan, China, and set sail across Asia into Europe. Everybody had enough warnings to be prepared for its arrival. Politicians made mistake after mistake, and of course, the health professionals were not heard. Got to get those pizzas made, keep the economy strong, we can handle it, and last but not least, don’t upset the people as it’s bad for business. People received the wrong input, and not enough preparedness permitted the covid-19 virus to settle down in a charming northern Italian town. 

Oh well, the pandemic decided to go to the USA. Just like that, USS Titanic, set sail to cross the Atlantic Pond. And off she went, sailing the sea with all its infectious cargo. Mr. Stump, the captain of the USS Titanic, proclaimed, “The USS Titanic is a great ship, the passengers will have fun and be happy that they will soon be in America. But don’t worry,” said Captain Stump. “The USS Titanic cannot sink, and it’s precious deadly cargo, also known as COVID-19, was well under control. I don’t see any icebergs around to think otherwise,” Captain Stump repeatedly said.

Oh well, the Americans listened and ignorantly felt that they were above the deadly cargo. Upon the pandemic’s arrival, people were out having fun. Most government officials trusted the Captain’s leadership and set aside their common sense. Though a few good-hearted health officials were obviously freaking out, the political powers flaunted their stupidity. “But don’t worry,” said Captain Stump, “We got to keep the economy going, we got to let the people know there are no problems, and that the USS Titanic can haul any cargo and weather any sea or land, just listen to me, I know, I’ve got the matrix.” And, by the way, “What’s a few dead old people, anyway?” was often heard.

Oh well, according to Captain Stump’s Fake News Media, the USS Titanic has hit a sand bar and is listing to the starboard. But that’s okay because the shi[t]p floats. Now the USS Titanic is sinking, and thousands of people are losing their lives, their jobs, and families in the cold sea of the Captain’s reality.

Oh well, Captain Stump continues to deny and confront fake news saying, “We’ll fix it! Believe me, I know what I’m saying. Well, if we lose some lives, save the cargo, and make some money out of it, then everybody will be happy, especially Americans because they trust me, they believe in me because I’m the Captain of the USS Titanic.”

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