DNA & ZeRo Point Healing Technology

DNA-Induced Immune Response Activation Overview

(a Specialized Global Level DNA Activation to Empower the Immune System and Help Mitigate the Covid-19 Viruses)

Channeled and Prepared by Robert V Gerard & Zeljka Roksandic

Oughten House Foundation, Inc. Porec, Croatia, 21 March 2020

Link to Documents and Videos:

https://oughten-house.com/dna-induced-immune-response-activation(This Program has 4-Parts)

Preliminary Information

“When enough people (a critical mass) think about and truly consider the plausibility of a concept, it becomes reality.”

—Joseph Duda


Civilizations have come and gone since the beginnings of history. “Why?” may one ask. It could very well be that each lost its value, lost its ability to bring beauty, and to perpetuate peace onto this planet. Mother Earth does not need garbage on her earthly skin. I’d clean my body, too.

This pandemic is a wake-up call to reset the value of humankind on this planet. Nuclear war offers no time for reconsideration or rehabilitation, but pandemics do. For the first time since World War II, has the collective governments of the world face such a challenge so desperate as the covid-19 invasion. In a nutshell, governments can only exist if it has common people. No people, no governments. This pandemic forces governments to wake up. Governments exist to care about human life. There’s no other purpose. When that’s gone, Mother Earth invokes change, as she has a mission. Humanity must concede, otherwise, perish. Over time, she’ll replenish the Garden.

Bringing positive change to the world is possible. Every person matters, especially those who care for their brothers and sisters. The mission of each person, when combined collectively, serves to enhance humankind. We can change the world if united in spirit. Together, we can generate the needed critical mass to overcome many of humanity’s challenges, especially pandemics.

Thus, the purpose and mission of this activation serves to help create a unified field of healthy thoughts and loving emotional energy to help mitigate pandemics and harmful challenges for all people worldwide. For this to occur, we need to reach a critical mass, which equates to a slight percentage of the world’s population to do the bulk of the effort, say about 5-10%, then restoring healthy environments— personal and commercial—would become a reality.

Here are a few facts to ponder. Every person on this planet holds the Key-To-Life: that’s his or her DNA. Science tells us that a cell’s DNA, when unraveled and extended, measures approximately two (2) meters. The average human body has about thirty-seven trillion cells (37,000,000,000,000). Should all the DNA in one person be stretched out, that could wrap around the Earth about two (2) million times. This is how significant each of you are. Light energy produced by the cell’s mitochondrion serves as the cell’s motor. Light acts as a product of the cells. There are over seven (7) billion people on this planet. Imagine the amount of Light produced by humans?

Mother Mary also brings Light to this planet. That’s why she has re-appeared on Planet Earth several times as an apparition. She’s respected by most people as a Pure Woman, connected to the Holy Spirit, and serves as a faithful messenger for humanity. It shall be through Her Love and Wisdom that the DNA- Induced Immune Response Activation be dispensed globally. On a personal note, ever since I (Robert) was a child, Mother Mary embraced and influenced me to advocate peace. Forthwith, I serve as her messenger to bring healings onto humankind and restore peace and health to all the peoples of the world.


A little history regarding how the DNA-Induced Immune Response Activation was developed. In 1996, conversations about generating a DNA Activation Program were taking place. One of the critical elements that caught my attention related to the onslaught of a deadly virus arriving onto this world. As presented to me, it was my mission to develop a DNA Activation Program to fight and eliminate that pending virus.

Over the next 24 years, I devoted much of my time to applying and enhancing the DNA Activation Self-Healing Program. The work consisted of 12 Spirit-driven Narrative Protocols to enlighten individuals to communicate with their DNA and nourish one’s divinity better. During this period, my Spiritual Partner and colleague, Zeljka Roksandic, and I traveled worldwide, developing and performing DNA Activation Seminars to over a hundred thousand people that successfully changed many lives. Needless to say, a DNA Activation for a virus was unheeded.

Enter the decade 2020, and the forefront before us is the covid-19 virus. Prompted by Zeljka, the notion of combating a virus reappeared. Together, with Mother Mary and the Holy Spirit, we diligently worked on the development of the DNA-Induced Immune Response Activation. Using intuition, wisdom, and imagery to develop a comprehensive activation, we produced an ethereal healing that parallels medical, biological research.

A consideration arose requiring individual participation as well as a global application. Since it is inappropriate to interfere with an individual’s soul destiny, we could not determine what is good or bad for anyone, instead allow the realms of Universal Consciousness to decide for one’s Highest Good.

To make sense of the specialized DNA Activation, we had to include a purposeful and convincing approach that had to be pragmatic. To do this, we devised a learning sequence to prepare the participant to properly and compassionately invoke the DNA Activation Process, as follows:

  • Soul Bubble Meditation—generates pure space, protection, and helps ground energies
  • Divine Orientation—establishes a connection with Source
  • Setting the Intent—captures the time and purpose of the Activation
  • Commands for Purification—cleanses old energies and lays the foundation for new Life
  • Commands for Protection and Empowerment—enhances mental, emotional, and social readinessto receive the powers of the Activation
  • Specialized DNA Activation—sets explicitly into motion the precise conditions and directions forhealings
  • Sealing the Process of Health—instills gratitude for the gifts that made changes possibleHarmful viruses consume and eventually die in what they consume: a never-ending sad process. Your immune system has the design to fight infections, however, its capacity to do so needs modification and strengthening. The purpose of the DNA-Induced Immune Response Activation has been prepared to do that deed. Best to repeat this Activation as often as you feel comfortable, and avoid any expectations, instead learn how to trust the process. For the sake of humanity, we hope you will share this process.

Health and Peace,

—Robert V Gerard and Zeljka Roksandic

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