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Standing for Peace

Standing for Peace: The Last Frontier

Aristotle believed that the function of a state is to ensure supreme good of people, in the moral and intellectual sense. Happiness comes from virtue and it is the ultimate goal of mankind. State is the agency that helps men to achieve their ultimate goal. [Samuel Enoch Stumpf, and James Fieser. Socrates to Sartre and beyond: a history of philosophy. (Boston, Mass.: McGraw-Hill, 2008). p. 87.]

Freedom and Peace proclaim individual success and social triumph. Though freedom embracesmobility, it’s Peace that exemplifies the stillness state of mind and emotion of happiness. These attributes build upon who we are and what makes our nation stand in Light. Sustaining freedom and peace underscore the intrinsic values of mankind and how it’s governed.

We then need to ask: “Why is democracy so prevalent?” Since autocracy and dictatorships tend to divide the powers within tribes and societies, democracy provides a plausible route for individuals who seek freedom and peace. When you survey the history of tribes and civilizations, you’ll always find “Rise and Fall” events. This is truly an evolutionary process wherein the populous advances to higher conditions of social life, but in many cases, the arrival of a warring nation conquers, starting the process over again. Sometimes, Nature intervenes and dismantles a civilization through episodes such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and famine. In either case, “Rise and Fall” events demark an evolutionary process—and that must stand for something.

Tribes and civilizations are resilient. What’s the driving force behind their motives to restart the quest for advancement? It’s all in our DNA and, believe it or not, it can be the Social Collective DNA within that tribe or civilization. Dr. Takuro Kishine, Ph.D., Biologist and Philosopher, Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University, Japan , and Economics and Food Research Institute of Nanjing, China, well addresses these theories in his book, Eastern Sunrise, Western Sunset. He postulates that the DNA in every person perpetuates collectively into the community and eventually throughout the nation. Kishine demonstrates that the social consciousness of a nation periodically shifts eastward globally from one nation onto another.

Delving deeper into the inner mechanisms of our DNA, we find that the DNA provides a relentless self-healing algorithms or scripts to evolve the species. Call these positive mutations, if you will. Virtually every living creature has evolved and adapted to its environment. Since humans are the only species that kindles creativity genetically, this evolutional gift has magnified itself a million times over in the past few millennia.

Curiosity, learning and imagination have propelled mankind along this evolutional track. Is it a biological or soul-driven process. If our DNA is virtually self-healing, then it must be holistic—seeking betterment and enlightenment. In most cases, it can be conjectured that our DNA takes a stand for freedom and peace. Could it be that our DNA was actually designed to direct civilization toward high social standard of freedom and peace? On another slant, could it be the quest for power?

When you have the liberty to travel around the world and interact with people you’ll conclude that the majority of people you interact with desire freedom and peace.

You may come to the conclusion, that 99% of the populous desire shelter, good food at the survival level, but aspire to state that they desire the freedom to sustain a peaceful life and peaceful society to live in. The remaining 1% of the population seeks power and control. There’s over 7.5 billion people on this planet, and the resulting reality proves that only a few really govern, and ifthat sponsorship detaches itself from the goals of the governed, it becomes self-serving.

Each tribe, society, nation and civilization must constantly perpetuate freedom and peace. That’s what we need to stand for everywhere. To ensure that process, we must stand for truth as well. Truth presents the facts and keeps those that govern us all in check. The ultimate link between those that govern and its people is honest communication of facts. That’s what most honorable journalist do: they journal the facts. Whenever there is fake news, it is usually generated by those who govern as a layer of protection. “Fake News” perpetuates government propaganda. A tribe or society that enjoys freedom and peace has no need to avail fake news.

If you want freedom of mobility and peace of mind, best stand up for them.

Have Fun, Peace and Health,

Dr. Robert V. Gerard

Copyright© 2017 Robert V Gerard

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