DNA Activation Session – 1 hour




The “DNA Self-Healing Program for Ultimate Change

The merits of the DNA Activation Healing Project continue to unfold. Thousands of people worldwide have stepped forward and begun their “Inner Journey” towards Human-Spiritual co-existence. We always have been Spiritual Beings. Learning how to live in the human embodiment has taken thousands of years to master. Now is the time to accelerate the process, and incorporate your Divine Nature into this Earthly existence.

Most of the information to carry out the DNA Activation Program has been received intuitively from Source by direct cognition over a period of 20 years. It still unfolds as new information is received.

Benefits of the DNA Activations

The DNA Activations truly bring forth a clearer orientation to life and personal destiny. It accelerates Self-Mastery and opens the door to discover who you really are. You are on this planet to experience emotions, create, and share. Looking within to find your roadblocks in life is a courageous challenge. Self-discovery is a key to your freedom. The DNA Activations delve directly into finding out more about yourself: the good and the not-so-good. Though most reported changes appear related to physical conditions, emotional release, intellectual clarity, and social improvements are what stand significantly at the forefront of those in transition. The amazing aspect of the DNA Activations resides in the fact that their ongoing process is virtually automatic!

Spontaneous healings can occur at the time of Activation, most of which relate to acute physical and emotional disorders. It appears that the First DNA ACTIVATION works to get the physical body realigned toward a healthier state of existence. Reports and testimonials to date reveal that those who have been activated undergo substantial detoxification at both the physical and emotional levels. This is an important purification process that starts immediately, and continues periodically for several years until completed.

The Second DNA Activation works to accelerate psychological awareness and subtle change. Results indicate that individuals find more peace with themselves and obtain a better orientation as to their life’s purpose and destiny.


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