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About the Owners of OHF:

Dr. Robert V. Gerard — Holistic Psychologist, author and lecturer, philosopher and poet

Dr. Gerard graduated from the State University of New York in Farmingdale and began his working career as a civil engineer in 1965.  Finding his interests lay with people, he completed a B. A. in Social Psychology at Florida Atlantic University (1978) and a M.S. in Management/Organizational Psychology at Nova University (1981). He attended the Ph.D. Adult Educational Program Management at Georgia State University (1983-85) and attended the East-West Psychology Ph.D. at the California Institute for Integral Studies (1989-92). In 1998, he completed his Doctorate in Metaphysical Philosophy at The College of Metaphysical Studies in Clearwater, Florida.

Gerard’s work experience spans over forty-five years and crosses major industries including engineering, manufacturing, banking, education, therapeutics, publishing, and holistic psychology.  He has worked for major corporations, chaired an international convention, and spearheaded many training programs.

Dr. Gerard sustains a private counseling practice in Holistic and Organizational Psychology. He offers lectures, seminars, and workshops worldwide on self-help, self-empowerment, verbal communication, and programs on enlightenment.  He has written two novels: Lady from Atlantis, and The Corporate Mule, and three non-fiction self-help books: DNA Healing Techniques, Change Your DNA, Change Your Life!, and Handling Verbal Confrontation-Take the Fear Out of Facing Others.

He has co-authored Divine Quick-Fix Healings, Icon Code TechniquesTM, Icon Power for Kids, The Health Acceleration Kit for Pets, and Hands of Peace. He has published dozens of articles and has produced several CDs and DVDs, which are available through Oughten House Foundation, Inc.

Ms. Zeljka Roksandic — Clairvoyant, teacher, lecturer, artist, counselor and poet

Ms. Roksandic began her working career as a teacher. She has served in conjunction with the UNESCO “Healthy City” Program after the civil war in Yugoslavia teaching Self-Help Techniques.  She earned a B.A. in Curriculum Development (1978) and English Language and Literature (1983) at the University of Zadar, Croatia.

Born with the gift to heal, she developed her healing methods continuously over many years.  Ms. Roksandic is a Reiki Grand Master. She practices Traditional Usui Reiki, Reiki Crystal Therapy, Color Therapy, Regression in Parallel Lives, Magnified Healing, Silva Method, Advanced Metaphysics Healing, Psychocybernetics of Essenes, Biorgonomy, and DNA Activation Healing Techniques, and now focuses mostly on the ZeRo Point Healing Technologies Program and ICON CODE TECHNIQUESTM.

Ms. Roksandic has become renowned throughout Croatia, Slovenia, Holland, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Ukraine and the United States as a gifted and humble lecturer and healer. She sustains a private healing/counseling practice and offers a variety of healing programs and workshops internationally.

She has co-authored Divine Quick-Fix Healings, Icon Code TechniquesTM, Icon Power for Kids, the Health Acceleration Kit for Pets, and Hands of Peace books with Dr. Robert Gerard.

ONENESS: Zeljka and Robert

Well over 50 years ago, two children, each on the opposite sides of the Earth, listened to the wisdom of their hearts. Throughout their lives, they had experiences and the resilience to understand higher forms of their wisdom. Their lives were Divinely inspired to share that wisdom with their fellow brothers and sisters.

Eventually, Robert and Zeljka found each other as guided by their Higher Spirits, and married. They embraced each other in purity, in thought, and in determination. Their united purpose focused on sharing the synergy of their stories. The story of their lives holds their wisdom. Once they realized their roles as the co-creators of their experiences, they have become intricately more aware of themselves. Each moment brought before them a clarity of consciousness where every intent, thought, picture, word, and action became more identifiable. They began to see the road map of their unique lives. One fact prevailed: beauty was created for them when they changed the energies towards Unity Consciousness of their Divine Nature.

Read Dr. Gerard’s new book titled, Finding My Goddess, which details the true story of how their Souls made them become One.