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Ultimate Change can be described as your freedom of expression. Clear thought. Total wisdom. Total recall of knowledge: instantly. Living life in this mode increases your perception of your inner and outer worlds. You are empowered, enlightened. You are the embodiment of Divine Consciousness. You, the Master, are one with GOD—Father-Mother ONE—Source of ALL.

Dr Robert V Gerard and Zeljka Roksandic

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Ms. Zeljka Roksandic

Master Facilitator


Clairvoyant, psychotherapist, lecturer, author, artist, and healer


Ms. Zeljka Roksandic

USA contact

PO BOX 2927,

Binghamton NY, 13902

Tel: 607-724-2438


Croatian contact


Tel: 052-425-037


email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Ms. Roksandic began her working career as a teacher. She collaborated with the UNESCO Healthy City Program to help people regain their composure and self-worth after the civil war in Yugoslavia. She earned a Applied Arts Degree in the Department of English, at the Pedagogy Academy of Zagreb, Croatia, 1977 and a B.A. Degree in the Pedagogy, 1978 and in English Language and Literature Department, 1983 at University of Zagreb, Croatia, Faculty of Philosophy, Zadar.


Born with the gift to heal, she developed her healing methods continuously over many years. Ms. Roksandic is a Reiki Grand Master. She practices Traditional Usui and Tibetan Reiki, Karuna, Gautama Karuna and Aira Reiki, and Reiki Crystal Therapy. Other expertise include Color Therapy, Regression in Parallel Lives, Magnified Healing, Silva Method, Advanced Metaphysics Healing, Psycho Cybernetics of Essenes and Biorgonomy. She contributes with DNA Activation Healing Techniques, and now focuses mostly on the ZeRo Point Healing Technologies Program and ICON THERAPY.


Zeljka is renowned throughout Croatia, Slovenia, Holland, Russia, Germany and the United States as a gifted and humble healer. She sustains a private healing/counseling practice and offers a variety of healing programs and workshops internationally. She is the coauthor of the five books and several unpublished pieces of poetry and meditation.







Books written:


Zeljka Roksandic and Dr. Robert V. Gerard


Divine Quick-Fix Healings

Published in USA and Russia

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Icon Code TechniquesTM

Published as e-book

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Published as e-book

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Health Acceleration Kit for my Pet’s Mind, Body & Soul

Published as e-book

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Health Acceleration Kit for my DOG’s Mind, Body & Soul

Published as e-book

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Hands of Peace

Published in the US

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Soon to be released:

Unpublished: ICON POWER for TEENSTM



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