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The merits of the DNA Activation Healing Project continue to unfold. Thousands of people worldwide have stepped forward and begun their “Inner Journey” towards Human-Spiritual co-existence. We always have been Spiritual Beings. Learning how to live in the human embodiment has taken thousands of years to master. Now is the time to accelerate the process, and incorporate your Divine Nature into this Earthly existence.

Most of the information to carry out the DNA Activation Program has been received intuitively from Source by direct cognition over a period of 12 years. It still unfolds as new information is received.

To date, TWELVE DNA Activations have been conceived and physically manifested on this Earth plane. They are as follows:


The FIRST DNA Activation of the Archetypal Chromosomes

(also known as the Youth and Vitality Chromosomes)


The SECOND DNA Activation of Rejuvenation


The THIRD DNA Activation of Uniqueness


The FOURTH DNA Activation of Integration


The FIFTH DNA Activation of Royalty Consciousness


The SIXTH DNA Activation of Detachment


The SEVENTH DNA Activation of Divine Residency 


The EIGHTH DNA Activation of Causal Interaction


The NINTH DNA Activation of the Perfection of Trust


The TENTH DNA Activation for Generating Abundance


The ELEVENTH DNA Activation of Divine Order


The TWELFTH DNA Activation of Divine Discipline


The THIRTEENTH Ceremonial DNA Activation of Ascension Consciousness 



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