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-- Benefits of the DNA Activations --

The DNA Activations truly bring forth a clearer orientation to life and personal destiny. It accelerates Self-Mastery and opens the door to discover who you really are. You are on this planet to experience emotions, create, and share. Looking within to find your roadblocks in life is a courageous challenge. Self-discovery is a key to your freedom. The DNA Activations delve directly into finding out more about yourself: the good and the not-so-good. Though most reported changes appear related to physical conditions, emotional release, intellectual clarity, and social improvements are what stand significantly at the forefront of those in transition. The amazing aspect of the DNA Activations resides in the fact that their ongoing process is virtually automatic!

"Does our DNA compel us to seek a higher power?  Believe it or not, some scientists say 'Yes'."



The potential benefits gained after receiving both the First and Second DNA Activations are, in part, summarized below. Benefits vary from person to person. However, thousands of people worldwide have reported favorable, consistent, significant and replicable results.

Spontaneous healings can occur at the time of Activation, most of which relate to acute physical and emotional disorders. It appears that the First DNA ACTIVATION works to get the physical body realigned toward a healthier state of existence. Reports and testimonials to date reveal that those who have been activated undergo substantial detoxification at both the physical and emotional levels. This is an important purification process that starts immediately, and continues periodically for several years until completed.

The Second DNA Activation works to accelerate psychological awareness and subtle change. Results indicate that individuals find more peace with themselves and obtain a better orientation as to their life's purpose and destiny.

Summarized below are what thousands of people have reported. These consistent and positive changes are compiled into four main categories:

1 ... The Psychological & Emotional:

increased self-trust

heightened perception

enhanced discernment

precise use of language

less stress and worry

sharper memory and quicker manifestation

renewed sense of competency

lucid dreaming


2 ... The Physical:

body detoxifies

hair and nails grow faster

feel and look younger

energy level increases

desire for better nutrition

increased communication with body

increased consumption of water

quickened ability for body to heal itself


3 ... Social Realms and Relationships:

allowing new feelings to be stated and shared

letting go of "old stuff"

seeing relationships more clearly

finding deeper love with others

attracting "soul mates" and "soul family" members


4 ... Self-discovery:

the automatic capacity to confront self-truths

finding answers that have meaning and clarity in life

transforming uncertainties into accuracy and truth

staying focused and in the moment.


Additional Long-term Benefits that have been reported:

Release of embedded emotional stress

Release of hesitations, doubts, and fears

Urge for physical and emotional purification

More obvious pursuit of one's sacred path

Better understanding of purpose in life

Clearer view of each individual's uniqueness

Realization of Self-Love and Self-Respect

Awareness that the Universe mirrors our problems for us to identify and eliminate

Awareness of the changing times and conditions that surround us


The DNA Activation serves as a catalyst to return the cells in your body back to purity and health, which all lead to a lighter and happier body. The cleansing process of the cell begins with eliminating stress. Though stress and emotional debris may be most abundant, they are also the least complicated to purify. The DNA Activations can help you change your attitude and perception of life enough to release years of stress and emotion.
Benefits rising from the 3rd to 12th DNA Activations are more specific to the purpose and design of the Activation performed. Bear in mind that the first 4 DNA Activations focus more on the body and emotions, and subsequent DNA Activation deal more with empowering your Human-Spiritual evolution.


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