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Genetic World Peace Grid, 
DNA Activations & Self-Healing

facilitated by

Dr. Robert V. Gerard & Zeljka Roksandic


Program Mission Statement

The mission of the DNA Self-Healing Program for Ultimate change is to expand the "Genetic World Peace Grid" worldwide and  "Ascension Peace Consciousness" worldwide. This is done through DNA Activations, which uses a natural grounding energy process.

The thrust behind the mission centers around the balance and integration of the Divine Feminine with the Masculine Universal Life Energies. This "Integration" will be come the mainstay of humanity's evolution to peaceful coexistence, that being said, is Ascension Peace Consciousness.

The Foundation's educational programs provide the tools and techniques to encourage self-mastery, self-love and purpose, and to accelerate the evolution of the individual's rising consciousness and the natural evolution into one's divinity. 


General Statement

It should be noted that Oughten House Foundation "OHF" considers each of the DNA Activations as a Sacred Ceremony in addition to being excellent healing modalities. Many other DNA Activation programs and practitioners have “jumped in” since the Foundation mutually launched the DNA Self-Healing Program for Ultimate change with Vianna Stibal in 1997, though no longer affiliated. Please discern and ascertain that whatever healing program you use serves your Highest Good.

All effort is now being seriously taken as to the overall intent and dissemination of this material. The creation of the Genetic Peace Grid and sustaining an active Second Wave of Planetary Ascension Peace Consciousness has become the major focal points of the mission behind the Foundation.

Recruitment for the DNA Practitioner Certification Process serves as a major element to make this happen. The Foundation seeks individuals with the highest regard for honesty and who demonstrate utmost integrity. Every active Certified  and Licensed Practitioner will be proudly represented and backed by Oughten House.



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