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With love and gratitude for this divine gift, that you gave me personally and everyone who did DNA Activation. Peacefulness, love, abundance came into my life with you. Extremely grateful (deep bow). (I.N., Moscow-Russia October 2008)

I am grateful for the opening of the truth for myself and other people. I will continue doing so with others. (D.S., Moscow-Russia October 2008)

I think that seminar was conducted well. All techniques that were used by Zeljka and Robert demonstrated fascinating sensations and feelings. These were physical, emotional, mental sensations. (M.T.-Russia November 2008)

My dears, you are tender and needed by the whole planet, Zeljka and Robert! I am waiting for your visits with the sensation of holiday (celebration) and miracle! And it happens! The celebration of new feelings, the celebration of renewal comes. The mind doesn't understand, but body fills in with light-inspiration! What is it if not a miracle?! Thank you! Thank you! Love you! With warmth and affection for you, Tanya. -Russia November 2008

Wonderful seminar! Immediately I felt the energy of love and harmony. I hope that these sensations will secure in me and my surroundings. Thank you SO MUCH!!! With love, Natasha -Russia November 2008

I would like to write the words of thanks to myself and everyone who I met here today, and to amazing and so wonderful Zeljka and Robert. Now I feel all my strength, my female power (female beginning) and love towards myself as I am here, today. I liked it. I am amazed by you! Thank you! "O"-Russia November 2008

It is so good that you are helping people to be reborn. To feel themselves powerful and courageous, knowing why they came to this beautiful Earth - to be happy every day. We are really grateful to you for your priceless help! Health, happiness, and love to you! Vadim and Irina.-Russia November 2008

Feel renewed (rejuvenated). Thank you. -Russia November 2008


Testimonial For 10th DNA  Activation, S.A.-Moscow, Russia, November 15, 2010

On the fifth day of the seminar, with movement of my heart and soul I wrote a poem. Somehow in the Haiku.
My education is just a builder-engineer. Technical stuff.
I really wanted to show my gratitude to the Teachers and their assistants, with the currency of words, emotions, and feelings, truthfully, humane. As well as our whole group. I saw that they were putting out all they had, leaving nothing. I wanted to show that their work produced results. I understood that we are needed and that we are not just a crowd, but individuals! I honestly wanted to pay back with KINDNESS.
And here it is! Don't judge too harshly. This is my first CREATION:

How to learn the meaning of rain?
          If you are just a crucian (a fish)
                  and in the puddle,
All the shades of the palette of the Universe
          and its melodies YOU MUST LEARN!
Your ocean inside and out you create
         - and the flying fish in it you become!

I love my first CREATION. It is my first step in co-creation. It gave me the understanding of complexity and versatility. It gave me an ability to make something kind and philosophical from nothing. It gave me a possibility to use the experience of poem writing on all aspects of my life on the planet.
This is what happened to everyone in our November group. Everyone experienced it in a special and individual, but beautiful way. Because someone is older, and someone is younger. Some were thin and some were chubby. Some were from humanitarian backgrounds, some from conceptual. So on.
There was a process of harmonizing everything, of understandings, meanings, targets. The spring fountains broke through!
We were reading ourselves like a picture book, while before we only speed-read it, without soul, just technical speed.
It was like fairy-tale and magic. Like children we played kindly with our teachers, and thought like elders or mothers. We were learning and realizing. We saw an angel of the kingdom and galaxy. We saw, for the first time, or again, the Universe, and fell in love with it. Or maybe, we just remembered how much we love it, and how much it (the Universe) loves us?
This can be shared for a long time. Come, learn to be a child. And then share it with others through the warmth of the home comfort of our planet. And then pass it on to someone else. And you yourself fly higher, further. We all are needed.
Who knows, maybe you are the one that carries the piece of God's light? And for those who lost it, or where its almost extinguished, light up again! You are a Human! And God-like from nature! Good luck to you!

P.S.  On November 21 I wanted to re-write this (with consideration of additional knowledge), but this is the first vision of a newcomer. And it means it will be easier to understand to the new recruits. Let it stay as is.


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