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Every individual has a genetic KING/QUEEN structure within the DNA. These genes serve as the root of your kingdom here on Earth, your heavenly kingdom, so to speak. Your seat of Royalty abodes deep within you as Divinely designed genes. Once awakened, your physical connection to rule in Spiritual terms is consummated.

The primary focus of the 5th DNA Activation prepares you to initiate Royalty Consciousness dormant in your DNA. Your mind, body, and soul begin to shape shift your inner and outer environments to efficiently function in this new Light of KING/QUEEN. The beauty here is that your body also transcends Spiritually. 

To partake as a King/Queen in Royalty Consciousness, you must first be grounded in your physical environment, transcend the limitations of social consciousness, embrace the ethereal realms of King/Queen. Then you are ready to sit in your THRONE and RULE your Heaven. Your environment (Kingdom) and body (Castle) now are grounded Spiritually in your Domain of Divine Royalty. 


There are three (3) Aspects of Royalty Consciousness: Physical, Ethereal, and Divine Dominion. What the 5th DNA Activation does is the spontaneous integration of the Royalty Genes of your mind, body, and spirit. This procedure must take place on the physical behavioral level to be initiated permanently in the human genetic structure. To activate the physical aspect of Royalty Consciousness, you adjust your inner Royalty as expressed by your physical KING/QUEEN DNA Codes. This means that you KINGDOM and CASTLE need to be enlightened. These are physical activities and need to be behaviorally experienced and grounded in the Ceremony of the Fifth DNA Activation.


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