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Experiencing DNA Activation is the first step toward total integration of body, mind, and soul: a moment you'll joyfully remember for the rest of your life. It's all about transformation. As you become more familiar with the techniques, you will become more familiar with your human body and discover the vastness of its inner world.

There are two basic DNA Activations. The First and Second DNA ACTIVATION processes take approximately one half hour each. The results, however, will last a lifetime because their inherent design fosters an automatic and ongoing healing process. The Activations are sacred and unique: a simple gift received from the Creator. 


"When God consciousness and DNA consciousness talk, destiny is revealed. Once the DNA's intellect has been activated, the body is no longer dominated, and actually goes through a rebirth."


The DNA Activation process is straightforward, and can be thought of as the integration of the loving God within you, your Higher-Self, and your body consciousness, which I loosely term "your DNA's Intelligence." This is a new relationship, wherein your total True-Self, your Deity, and the DNA within your body are synchronized and placed in perfect balance.

What occurs during the activation varies from person to person, from going into "rapture" to "I didn't feel a thing." In either case, if the intent was set properly, the Activation most likely have occurred. 



"Information received reaffirms that our complete Divine Blueprint, our DNA, exists, totally in tact, yet is dormant until activated."


The Ethereal Multiple DNA Strands Structure

The ethereal strands permit the individual to perform greater human accomplishments. Information received reaffirms that our DNA, exists, totally in tact, yet is dormant until activated.

Each strand is profound in its infinite capacity to enhance human life beyond human limitations. Some kind of cellular language connects consciousness in the cell with that of the entire body. Many studies and experiments by scientists in quantum physics, medicine, psychology, and metaphysics reinforce that view.


"These ten virtual strands making up the five "virtual pairs" are actually cosmic links, or the Universal Life Force, residing in each cell. They connect spirit with the human genetic coding."


The names and functions of the five new ethereal DNA pairs have been intuitively received by direct cognition from Source

1. Communication

Strands communicate and resonate with all existing life forms within and beyond the cell, cell to cell, mind to cell, cell to Spirit and Spirit to cell. It enables the healer and cellular communication to occur.

2. Perfection of Health

Perfection is the never-ending quest for health, perfect cellular replication, healing, and expansion of the Lightbody. These strands confront incongruities within the DNA itself and the immune system.

3. Intelligence and Energy in Motion

These "energy-in-motion" strands process all psychological and emotional commands and cellular memory, and they assist in identifying and releasing emotional blocks and life traumas. It initiates cellular ambiance and expansion, ultimate expression of happiness, love, and trust.

 4. Creativity

The Creativity strands co-create the "cultural" aspects of life, caring aspects of conscious manifestation, intuitive surges from higher sources, inner cellular wisdom and abundance. It's within these strands that the DNA unveils the blockages of receptivity and opens the door for each of us to absorb Grace and Divine Wisdom.

5. Immortality

Immortality strands generate the spontaneous and timeless living in the moment; eternity and affinity with the Creator and Divine Consciousness. These strands are extremely powerful and can instantaneously attune our relationship with Higher-Self and Source, and ultimately determine Who We Are!



"The combined ability of the DNA strands is magnificent. They operate at the creative- subconscious level and totally are dependent upon free choice and will of the individual.

 In no manner whatsoever, can the activations afflict damage to the existing DNA because it is a spiritual healing process. What may appear to be a challenging condition may be the individual's psychological reaction or resistance to the healing. The combined ability of the multiple DNA strands is magnificent. They operate at the creative-subconscious level and totally are dependent upon free choice and will of the individual. What makes them spectacular is that they operate within their own functionality. The DNA Activations are about transformation. They work for the majority of people who have taken the time and care of performing them.


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