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by Dr. Robert V. Gerard

(Note: This article is an excerpt of the Treatise “The Collective Psycho-Social Imprints of the Individual’s Genetic Codes (DNA) Directly Effect the Rudiments of Society’s Life Purpose” presented at the UNESCO Conference in Moscow on June 2, 2002.) 

Do you know your purpose in life? Are you truly aware of what motivates you to express your truth and feelings of bliss? Relatively few people do, though, all this will soon change. The first key reason supporting this change is that your God-driven biological alarm clocks are beginning to ring; waking you up to be more accountable for your Life’s purpose. The other factor happens to be the current onslaught of techno-social economic pressures which are eroding mankind. 

The advent of global politics, economy, and social survival demand that you either step forward into your higher and truer-Self as an unique individual and grow, or become controllably integrated into a cultural collapsing melting pot.

Tragically speaking, cultural diversity is disappearing, and so is your individual and ancestral heritage. You are rapidly migrating into a techno-consumer driving consciousness. It’s addictive! This modality of existence erodes creative individual expression, except for a privileged few. This survival consciousness directly opposes your Divine Unity Consciousness.

The need for “Purpose in Life” becomes urgent when you realize that your civil liberties and creative pursuits dwindle; and when the pressures of survival force you to re-think your purpose and mission. Fortunately, for many of you, the Divine Codes of Purpose within your DNA are becoming activated.

Within the invisible DNA codes of virtually every cell in your body, lies your freedom and gift of creativity. Your Sacred Codes of Purpose reside here. They are your Divine Implants, so to speak, and only you can access them. This is LAW. No one can tell you, not even a psychic, nor will angels, unless explicitly directed by God. Life is your creation and all your answers are within. So, stop searching from the outside.

Your sacred codes operate at the quantum level and sub-atomic levels of your cell’s electro-chemical processes. The quality of your mind’s electro-chemical charges can directly influence the composition within your DNA. You have access to your future within these codes.

There are approximately 100 trillion cells in every human, and each designed with an intrinsic motivator for growth. According to Dr. Bruce Litpon, Cell Biologist and Medical Advisor, “…each cell perceives its environment and modifies its structure to perpetuate life.” When you chose to protect yourself, survive, and remain comfortable, you send a message to your cells to protect itself, not grow, and this becomes an eventual death gene. To shut down purpose, growth, and creativity beckons death. The same collective mechanism exist for the societal. If it becomes relaxed, mediocre, and complacent, the society falters and eventually collapses. 

In the book Eastern Sunrise, Western Sunset, the author, Dr. T. Kishina, postulates that “…civilizations have cycles which reflect the unifying principles of ‘positive and negative phases of entropy’ or the ‘cellular alteration between tension and release,’ which is controlled by energy, gauges the body’s rhythm within each cell.” Underneath Kishina’s work lies his fundamental view, that civilizations and people have exactly the same cosmic patterns which reflect expansion and contraction, biorhythms, biological clocks, and the brain’s logical and emotional processes. It is here that Kishine suggests that since recorded history, the battles of left-brain logic of survival and right-brain intuition and emotion, and the battles of the West versus the East must finally give way to the higher realms of some sort of global spirituality, if humanity is to flourish.

The human-societal integration is critically important. Your society—the civilization you have collectively manifested—reflects your individuality. Therefore, if you do not honor your uniqueness, neither will society. Eventually, society will not honor its identity and purpose, because it also has lost your purpose. A case in point, former US President Jimmy Carter said “The American people are better than the American government.” Look where we are now. War or Peace?— a Nation divided! You are faced with the supposition that you either create a better “Self” which creates a better civilization, or both will eventually deteriorate and collapse.

Only through manifesting the higher realms of consciousness: economical, social, physical, mental, and spiritual through individual creative expression can a civilization survive. Fulfilling your purpose in life assures that civilization will prosper and fulfill its purpose.

DNA codes exists collectively for society as they does individually. History has proven and repeats itself well. Within the codes of every civilization, lies the scripts of universal love. History and Biblical stories all to often remind us that the demise of a civilization occurs when it is devoid of compassion, peace, and exploration into the higher realms of humanity. Dr. Kishine advocates that “Life’s Purpose” pertains to every civilization. Inherently, the microcosm of every human mirrors the macrocosm of their civilization. Thus, the individual has to thrive. And we shall see in the near future that the communities of compassionate heart-driven people will become the components of a new and prosperous world.

Discovering and evolving into your “Purpose in Life” ensures the survival of humanity. Without our heroes, saints, prophets, poets, and performing artists, our civilization will topple rapidly. For this reason alone, your DNA has been encoded with your uniqueness and power. Over a four year period, I’ve worked with thousands of people assisting them to improve their health and psychological issues. It was here that I realized that there exists a correlation between the individual’s well-being and the identity of her/his purpose in life. Influenced by Dr. Kishine’s work, I believe that when you identify with your purpose in life, you enable more ‘cosmic energy’ to better function through you body, especially at the cellular level. Your cells experience a positive surge which in turn, rejuvenates the cells, a self-healing, if you will. Instead of the cellular entropy, the expansion occurs. This was confirmed by Dr. Bruce Lipton’s work, paraphrasing, “…cells either protect themselves, an eventually entropy, or grow, based on what the protein cell receptors perceive as an expanding environment.” 

As of year-end 2001, over 90 percent of the genes composed by the 24 primary amino acids have been mapped by research scientists. This accounts for approximately 45 percent of the entire DNA helix. The remaining 55 percent of your DNA may very well lay the foundation for psychological-mental-emotion genetic patterns. I am convinced that most of your ‘secret and sacred codings’ exist in this region of your DNA. I base my findings from the results of thousands of individuals who used my DNA Activation techniques. It is good to note that the DNA Activation techniques encompass the whole spectrum of human realms: from physical to spiritual. These techniques accelerate the DNA’s capacity to perform holistically. Once activated, the body-soul consciousness connection expands, effecting five primary realms of DNA functionality, which demonstrate consistent improvement, as purported below:

  •  improving the process of how the manner the body communicates to its environment (The DNA strands of Communication) 
  •  improving the process of how health is restored and sustained (The DNA strands of Perfection)
  •  improving the process of how energy flows through the body (The DNA strands of Energy in Motion)
  •  improving the process of how the mind-body-soul connection receives intuition and inspiration (The DNA strands of Creativity)
  • improving the process of how the you reestablish your relationship with God, the Creator (The DNA strands of Immortality).

No one, at this point in our history, knows exactly how the DNA encodes for one’s “purpose in life.” Nonetheless, communicating inwardly, at the cellular level, somehow activates these codes, as demonstrated by thousands of people who have used these techniques. Obviously, an answer has been found—look within! You need not search for your “Holy Grail,” rather, discern it. God, our Creator, made every human different, unique, and purposeful. All this information—symbolically written and encoded—resides within your DNA. 

Discerning your Purpose in Life information requires a still and peace-loving mind. Science cannot read this for you; it’s quite protected, and for your use only. I would dread knowing that a government or religion could take this away and use it for their purposes.

Sacredness is beyond Darwinism. Existence is more than survival of the fittest. Existence predicates itself on creation, on beauty, on imagination, and on bliss. For these reasons, our DNA encodes civilizations as it does you, as Dr. Kishine suggests. There appears to be an evolution of higher realms of existence, balanced and integrated, encompassing logic with emotion. Not one without the other. Accordingly, I stand firm that the more you evolve and purify yourself towards your “Higher-Self,” the more you discover the uniqueness and purpose behind your uniqueness. The same applies to your society.

Yes, there is a caveat to discovering your Purpose in Life. These secret codes within your DNA can only be accessed via a sacred passageway stimulated by your “Heart-driven intent.” Only when you have the capacity for self-respect and compassion, can these sacred codes be revealed. This design guarantees the proliferation of humanity. True “Purpose in Life” can only be revealed when you are committed to the Creator. This commitment makes you accountable to fulfill your Divine Plan which integrates itself within the Creator’s Divine Plan. Thus, you play a major role in the expansion of the Universe. Without this essence of integration, human chaos prevails.

There exist three primary ingredients of life that must be in tact to discern your sacred codes residing in your DNA consciousness. These include your Intent, Imagination, and Self-love. You must understand also that this process reflects your compassion to others and a humble heart. The wisdom of your Creator surpasses the collective intelligence of all humankind combined a million-fold, to make a point. The sacred codes within your DNA cannot be read by any scientific instrument, other than your beautiful heart-driven mind.

Many people who have encountered a NDE (Near Death Experience) have accelerated their sacred codes within their DNA. The same for those who have witnessed a miracle, a healing, or have been shocked into an altered state. Though, unconsciously attained, reports of personal and psychic empowerment and testimonials of such have been unprecedented.  No matter what term or phrase we use, it’s a form of “Re-birthing the Spirit Within” that identifies most closely with the process of identifying your purpose. Once found, clarity of thought and actions accelerate you towards a more fulfilled life-style.

Therapeutically, we know that most people seek help from outside resources. I encourage professionals and practitioners to coach their clients to listen to the “inner secrets of their own sacredness.”

My intent here is to qualify the notion that exploring your “Purpose in Life” reflects your passion for existence. It is not a casual endeavor for a few selected people, rather, necessitates a compelling realization that your “Life’s Purpose” sustains the very civilization sustaining you. Without one, you do not have the other. So, discern wisely, decide, and note the sense of urgency.



Dr. Gerard is a lecturer and trainer, visionary healer, holistic psychologist, and Spiritual Coach for executives. He has served the individual and industry well over thirty-five years in management, organizational psychology, and specializes in self-empowerment endeavors. Robert is the author of Lady from Atlantis, The Corporate Mule, DNA Healing Techniques,  Handling Verbal Confrontation: Take the Fear out of Facing Others, is currently touring and promoting his best-selling book,  Change Your DNA, Change Your Life! and has just released his new book titled World Peace The Grand Relationship of Nobility and Hope. Dr. Gerard offers workshops on Confronting Skills Training and DNA Activation and ZeRo Point Healing Technologies. He provides a counseling and coaching practice, and Dr. Gerard is available for private sessions, lectures, and workshops worldwide (607-724-2438); E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; www.oughten-house.com)

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