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One of the most complex philosophical questions concerns the origins of God and the Universe. Which came first? What was before God? How did God form? And from where does God’s intelligence derive?

Only God can give you those answers. But can we hear them? The Universe can’t talk, but somehow communicates facts to our scientists. How can we humans discuss these phenomena without slipping into fantasy?

Let’s begin by saying that God can speak clearly to those that truly listen. Science listens to the Universe, so we are on the right track. We need to go back to the beginning, using our imagination as an instrument of perception. We know that in the beginning there was nothing (no-thing, no-matter). We also know that the current Universe was the size of a grapefruit. But where was God in this picture?

Let’s now look at what is consciousness. Consciousness is formless and timeless. So consciousness does not need a Universe. The Universe may need consciousness though.

Consciousness cannot be static or solidified. It is continuously changing, either expanding or collapsing. I can imagine consciousness expanding, a self-fulfilling process indeed, but I have trouble seeing consciousness collapsing into nothing, vaporizing into something else. I can only see a collapsing consciousness being absorbed into something larger or more dominant. Favoring expansion, I look into how? What properties allow for expansion? We know consciousness cannot have time, space, or form.

Science has proven that consciousness can form energy. A form can be as invisible as a thought or the embodiment of a Nation. The Universe is a form and is also expanding. Expansion is the common link between consciousness and the Universe. Our answers to most philosophical questions focus on expansion, not causation. Needless to say, we are driven by the mysteries of cause and effect.

Expansion. This is where you come into the big picture. You have consciousness. Your body has consciousness. Your nation has consciousness. The Earth has consciousness. And God has consciousness. They must expand, or collapse and be absorbed. Indeed expansion is the better route. But how does this work? What are the elements?

The two elements are creation and peace. Creation moves the energy of expansion. Creation is a form, neither good nor evil, right or wrong, positive or negative. Peace is the mindset of consciousness. This is the intelligence that keeps consciousness yearning for more of itself. Peace is eternal balance, the shape-shifter of harmony and perfection. When any form of creation and peace are exercised, all realms of consciousness simultaneously benefit and expand.

The intelligence of Peace embodies creation. Your body embodies creation. God embodies your creations. And it is peace that synchronizes creativity into harmony.

Now we return to the beginning: God and the Universe. From what I can determine, the tiny Universe was a massive potential energy field, ready to explode with a creative force only now known to our imagination. Be God for a moment and feel the urge to share your love. What would you do with the available energy? Create something with it. Voila! God impregnated the Universe with his consciousness, a true cosmic marriage. The Universe is the feminine counterpart of God Consciousness. It houses the Maternal Consciousness.

We are the Children of God because we have both the Father and Mother Consciousness within our DNA. All the galactic children of God create. To maintain balance and harmony, those creations must sustain Peace. Inner Peace for your sake, World Peace for galactic sake, and above all, Peace for God’s sake.

(Excerpted from the book "Hands of Peace")

by Dr. Robert V. Gerard and Zeljka Roksandic, 10 July 2008)


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