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Money is not the source of evil, Free Will is. Money is a servant to our needs, desires and ambitions. When money is used to make more money, without fairness and respect, its value weakens. Individuals who use money for selfish gratification, rather than recycling it back into society, seek an endless self-serving agenda. These “Gaps” upset the proper flow of money and its true value becomes questionable.

Financial Peace
Dr. Robert V. Gerard & Zeljka Roksandic
[31 January 2009]

When the stock market bottomed out in September 2008, so did the value of our societies worldwide. Why? Because people felt helpless, lost and without answers. Worse yet, their governments didn’t know what to do. And if they did, they could not guarantee anything they tried would work.

What happens now? What do we do? Will we ever recover? What kind of answers do you want? In any case, the outcomes depend on you.

We’ve taken a few moments to generate a position that may be a good starting point for positive change. No matter what happens, you are always responsible for how you think, feel, and create your tomorrows.

Assume for a moment that you are looking into a window of time 500 years ago. You are in the court chambers of a castle where the people are petitioning the wisdom of their King, Queen and Spiritual Advisor. Times are tough. Things are not working out well for most people. Listen carefully and read between the lines, for it is there that you may find some answers and some peace of mind.

The morning chill was slowly lifting and the sun began to warm the courtyard.

We The PEOPLE Say:

We come before you our King and Queen because we are scared of what we see happening around us. Everything is turbulent. Our money is disappearing and becoming valueless. We can’t afford to live anymore. Nothing feels good or safe. We feel that the end is near and we can touch fear itself. Please help us.

The KING’s eyes scan the crowd a few times over, and says:

We have lived well for many years. Though our kingdom shines better than most, our minds have become complacent. We assumed too much and created very little. Our faltering economy has now been shaken to its very roots.

I tell you that money is the life’s blood of society’s body. It brings energy to industry and balances the ecosystem of society. It nourishes hope and happiness, but it also fosters power and greed.

How have you lived and handled your money?  Have you put your hands in your pockets only to find crumbs, and your security destroyed. Money fosters fame and power. The absence of money seems like the absence of existence. It can become quite frightening, when you’ve let it control you.

Money is not the source of evil, Free Will is. Money is a servant to our needs, desires and ambitions. When money is used to make more money, without fairness and respect, its value weakens. Individuals who use money for selfish gratification, rather than recycling it back into society, seek an endless self-serving agenda. These “Gaps” upset the proper flow of money and its true value becomes questionable.

The Great Economic Fall of a kingdom can be compared to the Fall of Adam and Eve. The cause is a mixture of Free Will, power and greed. Even after your King gave you great subsidies, many merchants of collapsed enterprises, paid themselves excess compensation for their foul merit—pure expressions of self-serving greed and contempt for society. Why you now ask me again for a subsidy? You are creators of your own undoing. Be accountable with money and redefine your purpose.

The QUEEN stands with welcoming arms and says:

The crisis is everywhere. Since we all created it together, we can re-create as well. Let’s put energy into creating a good life for all of us.

Crisis comes from a financial imbalance among people. Some of you had too much and became greedy. Some of you, affected by poverty consciousness, thought and accepted too little. Set your intent for a better life by attracting more abundance—that’s Royalty Consciousness.

Now you are at the point when things can get better or worse. Since the future depends on you, it’s important to understand this now. Do not put energy into fearing financial crisis. Instead begin to create financial abundance. Be aware of your intents, because this is what you will create.

You will fear financial crisis less if you live positively in the now. Live your life moment by moment, step by step. Think about a big and positive future, and see yourself financially free and peaceful. This will create such a future for you.

Throughout history there were many times of financial and economic crisis. In situations like this, there were people who were successful. They were those that saw the bigger picture and did not fear failure.

So, if you desire to be financially peaceful, think about your finances. Imagine them getting better and better, bringing you abundance in every moment. See yourself, other people and the entire world financially successful in life and business. One of your cells cannot live without the whole body, but can create a whole new body. The same applies to the body of humanity. It needs all of its people [cells] united to create new abundance.

Be grateful for what you have, and seek financial peace for yourself and others. Remember that all of us are connected. If others do not have financial peace, neither will you. So, extend your intents and creativity to the whole world.

The SPIRITUAL ADVISOR steps forward and says:

Remember the proverb: “What you sow, that you shall reap!” This is happening now. For many seasons you failed to sow seeds of wheat for bread. Now, you need to wait till the next year to do it. Throughout the whole year you will be hungry. You may learn your lesson, or perhaps will not. Throughout history you created lots of hunger and still did not learn your lesson.

What shall you do now? It depends on you. You have Free Will to do anything you desire. Do not desire only financial Peace. This is a limitation. Desire abundance in all you do. Desire and create Peace. Then life itself, with all its complexities will become easier for you to deal with.

Your King spoke and asked you to reflect on your shortcomings; to evaluate your truths and purpose. Your Queen spoke and encouraged you to begin creating new desires and intents. And I say that you fight for Peace now. You must learn again to trust your inner powers of Peace, to trust God, and know that all happens for the purpose of a Higher Cause.  See the Golden Light in all you do. Share this Light. Allow it to shine upon you and your endeavors. It does not matter if the person next to you stays in darkness. Let the Power of the Light carry you forward in Peace and Abundance. For you are the beauty and expression of great things to come.

With all said and done, the People stood still for a few moments, and then began chatting among themselves until they dispersed from the courtyard. Later that afternoon, several scrolls were posted throughout the village providing some things to do:

ACTION TECHNIQUE: “Let’s Count values…”

Think a little about following:

  • How many shoes can you wear at once?
  • How many cars can you drive at once?
  • How much food do you really need to eat in a day to stay healthy?
  • If you need to take care of your home alone, how large of a house would you need? What would be comfortable but not overwhelming?
  • Can you share some of your items with others who may be in need of them?
  • Who is responsible for hungry and homeless people?
  • How can you help them to create better life for themselves?
  • Think about all money that you deserved and did not get.
  • Think about all this money that you got and did not deserve.
  • Who is in charge of how much you really deserve or not?
  • How much money do you really need to fulfill your desires?
  • What would you do if you have millions of dollars?
  • What does financial peace mean to you?
  • Does this include others? How?
  • What does greed sustain?
  • What do aggressive minds create?
  • What does Peace create?


  • Imagine the world in Peace.
  • Everyone has whatever he/she needs, not more, nor less.
  • All are honest.
  • All feel love.
  • All speak truth.
  • All are happy and filled with joy.
  • All are healthy.
  • All are free.
  • All demonstrate wisdom.
  • All are equal.
  • All are teachers who share and all are students ready to receive and evolve.
  • Everyone is ready to extend their hands to help others in any way.
  • All are Kings and Queens with royalty consciousness.
  • Everyone possesses Free Will, and is conscious of his/her creations.
  • All allow God to speak, feel and touch others through them.
  • The world is expanding.
  • Does this world already have financial peace?

During this time of change, it’s important to sustain your power to be abundant and free. We wish you well.


Dr. Robert V. Gerard and Zeljka Roksandic

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