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Ultimate Change can be described as your freedom of expression. Clear thought. Total wisdom. Total recall of knowledge: instantly. Living life in this mode increases your perception of your inner and outer worlds. You are empowered, enlightened. You are the embodiment of Divine Consciousness. You, the Master, are one with GOD—Father-Mother ONE—Source of ALL.

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What is going to happen? How will this day affect the things in your life? How will this day affect your emotional state of being? When you address any topic or concern about the myths or projections that surround these final days in December, you must also address some deeply rooted questions about yourself.

Since the Universe is extremely large, your Earthly calendar day is quite irrelevant. Whether you are in San Francisco or Beijing, the Universe doesn’t care. It has it’s own Time Machine. Whether December 21st or the 22nd or the year 2012 or 2013, the only way we make sense of the relevance of these days hinges on your perceptions and some facts generated by science. Earth people are not in charge of the Universe’s “Time Machine”, they are only onlookers.

Do you have a Soul, a consciousness and are conscientious about creativity and Life? Are you a “Human Insect” living day by day surviving without a creative thought? Since your Soul happens to be your intrinsic Life motivator, do you listen to it? Is your awareness to Life changes and learning accelerating your Human-Spiritual Essence and physical reality? Do the morals and beliefs you hold serve your Highest Good and the Good for Others?

Will the Earth Ascend or Descend? Will you ascend or descend? Are you qualified to “Ascend” or have you already appointed yourself to “descend”?

For those who take Life for granted and rarely pay “Gratitude” for your existence, well then, what does it all matter anyway? Without “Gratitude” you’ll never achieve “Inner Peace”. And, without inner peace, you have nothing. Your inner peace is the root for your happiness and good health. Your Life will be full of creative expressions and change will serve your growth. Without inner peace, your Soul does not sing nor expand, rather forces you to work through tough learning lessons.

Now that you have answered a few basic answers, let’s journey into what this socially crafted “Ending Date” means to you.

Of first order, you must stay connected with God, your Supreme Creator of Intelligence, Love and Peace. No matter what happens on this day, stay conscious of your relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Be ready to disappear into a higher realm. That may sound challenging, but think of it, you’ve been waiting a long time for this. Be ready to re-appear. Ascension does not imply departure, rather utmost change. You will have more powers and you need to stay conscious of how you will apply those powers for your Highest Good and the Highest Good for others, too.

Have a plan that coincides with God’s Plan. I doubt if your plan will work, but it can if synchronized with your Divine Plan. Do some good Soul searching over the next few weeks and try to reap some intuition about your “Purpose” and “Mission”. I say this because that is what seems to be the real driving force during these “Final Hours” for concerned individuals and societies.

Since the Universe constantly creates itself, know your deepest desires to create and continue in your next Life. Understand that death means transition, not termination. Be ready to create more spontaneously, then ever before. It is critically important that you do not entertain any sense of fear, doubt or hesitation. These elements of self-deterioration could prove devastating for you. Stay focused on goodness and beauty as best as you can.

Should the Earth be inflicted by a celestial or earthy catastrophe, be prepared to face it and stay connected and grounded with the Holy Spirit’s Energy. Remember: “In the twinkling of the Eye….” All can shift instantly, so hold your composure and trust in the Holy Spirit.

Make sure you reunite with all your family members, friends and good acquaintances before this potential and monumental day. Do your best to resolve any outstanding or lingering issues. This will help you detached from all your energy entanglements and controlling emotions so that they are properly cleared. This is an enormous task and needs to be done. So, get to work on this immediately.

The planet is a large place and who knows what earthly and/or economic changes could occur. There are too many variables and best to take inventory of the most important necessities: water, food, cash, heat, clothing, electricity & batteries, radio, medicine and sanitary needs, to say the least.  If nothing substantial happens, it was a good practice drill.

When I surf-the-Net and read all those “End of the World” and “Be Ready to Ascend” emails, I go nuts. Personally, I trust the Holy Spirit and, for the most part, all will be fine. However, I do believe that a subtle shift in consciousness will take place, as it did in the recent USA Elections. People need to wake up to change and be responsible for what they choose and create. This is actually what the Mayans were saying. It’s the New Age writers that at are forcing the issue with all the fears and predictions.

Yes, there are too many people on the planet. Not enough food being distributed, too much poverty, too many wars, lots of greed and selfish businesses, and ego-driven politicians and generals. In a way, it’s a good time for the Earth to cleanse herself, and she has proven that before. But most important is what we learn and grow from all this. That’s why it is important to keep your relationship with the Holy Spirit intact.

Keeping in pace with the Holy Spirit requires your conscious effort. One way to keep this a continuous habit centers around reiterating all 12-DNA Activations. Each of the DNA Activations uses a narrative protocol that virtually unites you to the Holy Spirit. The reality is that the Holy Spirit, by and large, wrote them.  Whether you use a short method or a DNA Activation Symbol, you are in effect unified. Reciting them daily takes only a matter of a few seconds, yet the yielding results is magnificent.

We need to come to term with the notions: “Jesus will return during the ending times,” the “Apocalypse,” and the “Second Coming.” What I find failing with all this is the absence of your God-given creative gifts. You are the creator of your Life. And you need to hold on to that blessed gift.  Repeating your DNA Activations will definitely aid your pursuits to deal with Life and Earth changes, big or small, no matter where or when, remain in the Light of your Divine Being.

I remain confident that whatever does transpire, it is done for your Highest Good. Whether life or death, ascend or descend, you will have a Soul that loves you.

So, it is time to trust and be one with your Creator. Be close to those whom you love and kind to your environment. And when this day passes on, take a breath of fresh air and thank God for that moment.

Peace, Health and Blessings,

Dr. Robert V. Gerard

20 November 2012



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