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Ultimate Change can be described as your freedom of expression. Clear thought. Total wisdom. Total recall of knowledge: instantly. Living life in this mode increases your perception of your inner and outer worlds. You are empowered, enlightened. You are the embodiment of Divine Consciousness. You, the Master, are one with GOD—Father-Mother ONE—Source of ALL.

Dr Robert V Gerard and Zeljka Roksandic


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The Day of December 21st, 2012 PDF Print E-mail

What is going to happen? How will this day affect the things in your life? How will this day affect your emotional state of being? When you address any topic or concern about the myths or projections that surround these final days in December, you must also address some deeply rooted questions about yourself.

Since the Universe is extremely large, your Earthly calendar day is quite irrelevant. Whether you are in San Francisco or Beijing, the Universe doesn’t care. It has it’s own Time Machine. Whether December 21st or the 22nd or the year 2012 or 2013, the only way we make sense of the relevance of these days hinges on your perceptions and some facts generated by science. Earth people are not in charge of the Universe’s “Time Machine”, they are only onlookers.

Do you have a Soul, a consciousness and are conscientious about creativity and Life? Are you a “Human Insect” living day by day surviving without a creative thought? Since your Soul happens to be your intrinsic Life motivator, do you listen to it? Is your awareness to Life changes and learning accelerating your Human-Spiritual Essence and physical reality? Do the morals and beliefs you hold serve your Highest Good and the Good for Others?

Will the Earth Ascend or Descend? Will you ascend or descend? Are you qualified to “Ascend” or have you already appointed yourself to “descend”?

Really Beautiful PDF Print E-mail

"Really Beautiful" is a Power Point Presentation filled with beautiful photographs from Canada. Each Photo has one or more practical, down to Earth Inspirational Quote. Each contain an aspect of wisdom for you to live and share.   ...  Enjoy   ... Share with friends ... and give gratitude and credit to the creator of this media ...  "Happy New Year!"

PowerPointPresentation (5MB)

PDF-file without sound and animation (3MB)

Knowing Your Earthly Mission PDF Print E-mail

One of your primary purposes on this planet is self-mastery: knowing yourself and your Purpose-in-Life, Mission and Destiny. This requires utmost change, dedication and acquired knowledge. As you embark on this journey, your primary objective is learning how to live in the moment, attaining Inner Peace and eventually, World Peace. Your challenges serve as your agents of change. You need to learn how to reveal your gifts of Life, eliminate the fears of your past and the burdens of expectation placed upon your future. 


The Consciousness of Peace PDF Print E-mail

One of the most complex philosophical questions concerns the origins of God and the Universe. Which came first? What was before God? How did God form? And from where does God’s intelligence derive?


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Are you ready for change?

Image Listen to the introductory on the DNA activations read by Dr.Robert V. Gerard. - 15 mins

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In this intro Dr. Gerard is giving you a short insight on the importance of change and our DNA